New Kerio ServerFirewall Defends Vulnerable Windows Servers against Security Threats

Kerio Technologies, Inc., provider of Internet messaging and firewall software for small to medium-sized (SMB) networks, has announced Kerio ServerFirewall, a powerful and easy-to-use software solution providing firewall protection for Windows server operating systems and applications.

Kerio ServerFirewall is the first of its kind, designed specifically to protect exposed servers running within corporate networks as well as Internet servers hosting web applications, helping to ensure stability of applications and the server. Kerio ServerFirewall complements gateway firewalls by detecting and blocking intrusions overlooked on the network’s perimeter as well as the LAN, and restricting application access to the system.

Kerio ServerFirewall empowers IT and security administrators to manage their server security from anywhere, anytime using Web-based administration. Remote deployment, management and granular firewall analysis provide an ideal security option for servers in collocation facilities. The remote capability spans the whole product lifecycle – from remote installation, configuration and monitoring to automatic updates to ensure maximum protection of server resources.

Kerio ServerFirewall is the result of a common question we receive from
security IT professionals: ” How can we protect our servers?,” says Dusan Vitek, Vice President of Marketing at Kerio. ” We are tremendously pleased to create the server firewall category as we believe IT administrators no longer have the luxury of trusting Windows or applications vendors to provide completely secure solutions for their servers. Corporate networks absolutely require that servers remain up and running, and Kerio ServerFirewall provides added peace of mind.”

“Ensuring data integrity is of paramount importance in the running of my department, and after extensive research of the market, I selected Kerio ServerFirewall as the product to protect my Windows servers,” said Simon Evans, Information Technology Manager at the Residences & Catering Division of Cardiff University. ” Within the hour I had installed and configured the rules to ensure that I had total control over what users could access.

The feature set is impressive – from the simple and intuitive Web-based management console to the easy-to-deploy rules configuration and we have yet to find another software solution that comes close to what Kerio ServerFirewall offers,” Evans concluded.

“Desktop and client protections are important, but current techniques seldom provide the level of sophistication necessary to protect Windows servers. The combination of features in Kerio ServerFirewall is one of the most complete solutions that addresses the vulnerabilities of Windows servers,” said Scott Crawford, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. ” Security administrators can now effectively protect their entire networks with less concern for internal and external attacks that threaten the network at the server level.”

Kerio ServerFirewall Key Feature Set:

” Network filtering: Kerio ServerFirewall shows IT administrators what network processes run on the server and why, allowing the ability to completely shut down all processes that could theoretically pose an unnecessary security threat. Rich and flexible filtering options restrict hackers and known and unknown worms from using “backdoors’ to get control of server applications or the operating system.

” Intrusion prevention: Suspicious packets are filtered out before reaching the network subsystem of the operating system.

” Application hardening: Unpatched or “too friendly’ server applications are protected through proactive blocking of new types of worms that abuse published or unpublished buffer overflow vulnerabilities. Kerio ServerFirewall watches behaviour of server applications and actively stops A typical behaviour.

” Remote management: Remote management allows collocation facilities to update and customise the filtering engine in real-time.

Where to Find Kerio ServerFirewall
Kerio ServerFirewall is available through various resellers, Certified and Preferred Partners of Kerio Technologies,Inc. and direct from Pricing starts at 349 per license.

About Kerio Technologies Inc.
Innovating in Internet security since 1997, Kerio Technologies Inc. ( provides Internet messaging and firewall software solutions for small to medium sized networks, emphasizing the secure delivery of network data. Kerio?s corporate headquarters are located in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Great Britain and the Czech Republic. Kerio’s technology partners include McAfee, Inc. and Internet Security Systems.

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