Deny All Introduces Server Load Balancing to Web Applications

London, 28 January 2005 Deny All, an application security company, has today announced it is complementing its rWeb security and authentication solution by integrating Server Load Balancing (SLB) functionality. Answering an essential corporate need in the area of service quality, the new SLB feature will improve Web applications performance and service availability.

In addition to filtering, the essential functions of rWeb include cache, “on-the-fly ” compression, SSL acceleration, traffic management and multiplexing of connections to Web servers. The integration of SLB in these functions enables all HTTP/HTTPS requests sent from outside the company or its intranet to be distributed to a Web server farm.

This distribution is carried out in accordance with a number of predefined rules such as, for example, assigning a user to a website to guarantee session continuity and/or distributing the traffic in accordance with the speed and the availability of the Web servers in order to optimise access to the services.

As Xavier Tardif, Deny All’s managing director, explains: ” The opening up of Web information systems is resulting in an exponential growth in traffic. Web servers rapidly reach their limits in terms of numbers of simultaneous users. Underlining the importance of meeting corporate needs, he adds: “In a context in which productivity gains are all-important, carrying out server load balancing with securing of flows from end to end, and without investment in dedicated units, meets a major requirement of our customers.

The introduction of server load balancing in the rWeb application firewall enables:

# improvement of the performance of the existing Web infrastructure (reliability, speed and processing capacity) without investing in specific new units
# the possibility of carrying out server load balancing in a secure web infrastructure in SSL by decrypting or re-encrypting the flows
# server load balancing carried out at application level
# improvement in service quality for Web users
# a simple response to load increases by addition of new servers

Price and availability
The SLB function integrated in rWeb is optional and available at prices from 2000.

About rWeb
The rWeb application firewall can be used to secure all the Web applications of large companies and guarantees the highest level of protection. Acting as a complement to conventional architectures, it improves the performances of the existing Web infrastructure and rationalises upgrades. rWeb is based on a reverse -proxy type technology and filters all the HTTP or HTTPS flows of Web applications. The level of filtering can be configured to adapt to the security policy required by the companies.

About Deny All
Deny All is a French software company, specialising in Web application security. The Deny All solutions rWeb, rFTP and sProxy meet important strategic needs such as the opening up of information systems to a company’s employees, suppliers, customers and partners.

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