Eracom Technologies’ ProtectDrive Delivers Full Disk Encryption Tailored for use with Axalto Cyberflex Smart Cards

Eracom Technologies, who pioneered full disk encryption software in 1987 for PC’s, laptops and servers, today announced the latest release of ProtectDrive version 7.2, now incorporating AES 128, 192 and 256 bit encryption and support for Axalto (Schlumberger) Cyberflex smart cards.

As one of the few full disk encryption solutions to utilize smart cards with X509 certificates for pre-boot authentication, the new ProtectDrive v7.2 now includes support for the Axalto (Schlumberger) Cyberflex Access smart card. Axalto is a leading provider of microprocessor smart card solutions with a global market share of 27% (Gartner 2003).

Organizations using Axalto Cyberflex Access smart cards will now be able to easily integrate ProtectDrive into their IT security infrastructure to secure confidential data on laptops, workstations and servers from unauthorized use. Using the X509 certificate function pre-installed within the Axalto Cyberflex smart card, two-factor authentication can be rapidly configured within the ProtectDrive full disk encryption solution. ProtectDrive facilitates this level of strong authentication security by requiring a user password log-in (what they know) as well as the physical security of a smart card (what they have).

The choice of encryption algorithms within ProtectDrive has been expanded within v7.2 to include Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128, 192 and 256 bit, in addition to tripleDES (3DES) and the IDEA algorithm. This enables organization’s even greater flexibility to configure a full disk encryption solution to suit their risk environment related to laptops, workstations and servers.

The incorporation of AES encryption is an important development for the ProtectDrive hard disk encryption solution. The demand for AES has increased considerably since its rating in 2001 within the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) as the (U.S) federal government approved encryption algorithm. AES is often regulated as a standard encryption algorithm for use by many governments to secure confidential and “Secret’ level digital information, and this has encouraged its increased use within both government and private enterprise.

ProtectDrive v7.2 is available for trial download at

About Eracom Technologies

As an ongoing pioneer of cryptographic technology for over 25 years, Eracom Technologies delivers proven, trusted security solutions to a wide range of leading blue chip companies and governments throughout the world.

The pioneering approach to development and continual innovation has earned Eracom Technologies a leadership position in the IT security and payment technology industries. Transaction security solutions are delivered through a range of tamper resistant Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Privacy of Information is enabled through Full Disk Encryption and File/Folder Encryption software.

Eracom Technologies has built itself upon a unique competence in both HSM technology and data encryption software. This rare level of combined knowledge and skill set, coupled with a diligent customer centric culture, enables Eracom Technologies to rapidly respond with tailored encryption solutions to meet evolving government and enterprise data security needs.

Eracom Technologies delivers prompt, localized service and support to customers across five continents, via a worldwide network of wholly owned subsidiaries and distribution channels. Client satisfaction is assured with 24×7 worldwide customer support, guaranteed response times, plus free access to updates and documentation via the Eracom Technologies website.

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