Stalker Software and Kaspersky Lab Partner to Provide CommuniGate Pro Users a Sophisticated Comprehensive Anti-Virus Solution

Stalker Software, the technology leader in email, collaboration, and real-time communication solutions, today announced its partnership with Kaspersky Lab, a leading vendor of secure content management solutions. This collaboration will offer the more than 8,500 CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications users worldwide an anti-virus plug-in as well as the best breed messaging solution to telcos, ISPs and enterprises.

As CommuniGate Pro customers migrate from other less secure solutions, such as Exchange, they continue to find reassurance with the security around the CommuniGate Pro system and Stalker’s partnerships. “Kaspersky Lab and Stalker Software share the common goal of providing our customers more confidence in securing their systems,” said Vitaly Bezrodnykh, business development director for Kaspersky Lab. “This partnership will allow CommuniGate Pro users to benefit from Kaspersky Lab’s expertise in the field.”

Stalker will integrate the Kaspersky anti-virus engine with CommuniGate Pro and also resell as a separate plug-in. As security becomes critical in the messaging arena, an anti-virus protection is now essential for all enterprises and ISP’s. New cyber threats appear regularly, requiring more and newer forms of antivirus protection, and intrusion detection. Kaspersky Lab is dedicated to deflecting all kinds of cyber threats and continuously develops new techniques to protect users against malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, Trojans and others, hacker attacks and other forms of unsanctioned intrusion and data leaks.

“Walla Walla Community College uses the Kaspersky plug-in with our college email server,” said Forrest R. Baker, network administrator at Walla Walla Community College, “With Kaspersky, we have been able to cut out virtually all incoming viruses from the users In-box. We are continuously impressed with Stalker Software’s performance, functionality and reporting.”

“Stalker’s customers expect the very best protection at the server level from email-borne viruses and security breaches,” said Jon Doyle, vice president of business development for Stalker Software. “Partnering and integrating with leading anti-virus products such as Kaspersky(r) Anti-Virus provides our customers with the most aggressive and current virus protection available on the market.”

CommuniGate Pro Real-Time Communications Server for the Intel Xeon, Intel EM64T, and the Intel IA64 server platforms are fully available with a choice of Windows, Linux, *BSD, HPUX, and OpenVMS . Kaspersky will support the x86 Intel-based: Linux/Intel, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris/Intel platforms. By next year, they plan to add support to non-Intel platforms, such as Solaris/Sparc, MacOS/PowerPC.

CommuniGate Pro offers a wide range of functionality from email and groupware features to real-time communications such as secure IM, VoIP, video conferencing, whiteboarding, desktop and application sharing using Windows Messenger(r) software, or any other client based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) via the built-in SIP server. CommuniGate Pro’s Dynamic Cluster architecture supports enterprises, and large scale ISP’s scaling to over 5 million users. CommuniGate Pro is installed in over a dozen Tier1 providers around the world, serving more than 1millon users each.

About Stalker Software
Founded in 1991, Stalker Software is based in Mill Valley, California. Stalker Software is the technology leader in email, collaboration, and real-time communication solutions for more than 30 major computer platforms. The company’s core technology merges security, reliability, scalability and a wide range of integrated services, including voice and data, with ease of deployment and administration. More than 8,500 users worldwide, ranging from top-tier global telcos and ISPs to educational institutions and corporations, service over 58 million accounts with CommuniGate Pro. Stalker Software has over 850 members in its partner network worldwide.

For more information about Stalker Software and its products, please contact Ali Liptrot, vice president of sales and marketing at (800) 262-4722 or (415) 383-7164; by fax at (415) 383-7461; or e-mail at Visit the Stalker Software Web site at

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