Tablus Acquires Indigo Security

San Mateo, California February 7, 2005 Tablus, Inc., a leading provider of information security solutions, today announced that it has completed a merger with Michigan-based Indigo Security L.L.C., an innovative developer of information security products that prevent the disclosure of confidential information. The ability of Indigo Security’s products to prevent unauthorized transform and transfer actions, like saving confidential information to USB drives, cut and paste actions and emailing confidential information enables Tablus to deliver the only and first comprehensive solution that protects confidential information across network boundaries and on desktops.

“Our customers told us they wanted a comprehensive solution that would protect their confidential information. Building on our success for protecting confidential information on networks, Tablus is well positioned to deliver the same accurate protection for desktops,” said Jim Pante, Tablus CEO. “We evaluated several possible options that would benefit our customers. After carefully evaluating the competitive landscape, we decided to acquire Indigo Security because of their best-of-breed technology and products that also deliver accurate, preventive protection, as well as the company’s great leadership and vision.”

“Adding visibility and preventive security measures for desktops to Tablus’ current capabilities gives me confidence that our confidential information is protected,” said Mark Rizzo, vice president operations, Perpetual Entertainment. The merger greatly expands Tablus’ customer base in the hi-tech, life sciences and financial services markets, and allows the company to pursue new customers in government and healthcare markets. As a result of the merger, Tablus now offers the first, and only, comprehensive security solution for protecting confidential information, Tablus Content Alarm.

“Today’s increasingly competitive and regulated business landscape underscores the need for organizations to take more proactive steps to prevent the unintentional or unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. Federal legislation such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Sarbanes Oxley and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) as well as state laws such as California SB 1386 point to the business and legal requirements for protecting critical information,” said Trent Henry, analyst, Burton Group. “Content-control solutions can play an important role in protecting not only information that is valuable to the enterprise, but also that information for which organizations serve as trusted custodians, such as confidential patient records or personal financial data.” Employees at Indigo Security, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, will be relocated to Tablus’ San Mateo headquarters in February 2005.

“The merger of Tablus and Indigo Security makes perfect sense. Solving the problems of protecting confidential information requires both network and desktop capabilities,” said Avi Rubin, technical advisor for Indigo Security. Mr. Rubin will join Tablus’ Technical Advisory Board.
The Company’s flagship product suite, Tablus Content Alarm, incorporating Content Alarm NW and Content Alarm DT is available today. Contact Tablus for more information at (650) 572-1515.

About Tablus, Inc.
Tablus, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise-class, information security solutions that give organizations confidence that their confidential information is protected against unauthorized or unintended disclosure. Its patent-pending technologies help customers accurately identify, audit, and prevent information security policy violations to reduce legal and financial risk, enhance customer trust and confidence and prove regulatory compliance.


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