FrontBridge Adds Fully-Managed Email Continuity Service Guaranteeing Zero Email Downtime Or Productivity Loss During Network Outages

London, UK – 22 February, 2005 – FrontBridge Technologies Inc., the leader in Total Message Management, today launched Active Disaster Recovery (ADR) for email continuity, an always-on managed service that enables full use of email during primary email system outages. This revolutionary service goes beyond traditional email disaster recovery, not only guaranteeing email delivery via queuing, but additionally full email productivity – including sending, receiving, reading and composing. With more than 75% of business transactions conducted via electronic messaging, ADR provides an invaluable insurance policy for guaranteeing business continuity and minimising the financial impact of planned and unplanned email outages.

FrontBridge ADR delivers the following primary benefits:

– full use of email, including composing, sending, and reading
– access to a rolling 30-day historical email store
– flow-controlled message synchronisation and queuing to the primary email system for disaster recovery

“Business comes to a standstill when email systems are unavailable,” said Dan Nadir, vice president of product management for FrontBridge Technologies. “FrontBridge is the first managed service provider to not only guarantee email availability but also email productivity. In the event of a scheduled or emergency email system outage, an administrator does not have to declare a disaster, providing instant access to a secure web interface for full email continuity, guaranteeing not a second of productivity is lost.”

“Downtime, whether planned or unplanned, translates into lost productivity without appropriate planning and control,” said Matt Cain, senior vice president, META Group (Stamford, Conn.) “Companies that don’t have a plan for email availability as part of overarching business continuity requirements risk losing their most valuable communications medium and data residing within the system.”

ADR: How it Works
ADR intercepts and keeps copies of inbound, outbound, and internal email and stores those messages in a 30-day rolling message store. The messages are stored within FrontBridge’s secure global network of tier-one, load-balanced data centres. Because ADR is always-on, the system requires no activation in case of an emergency or outage of a business’ primary email system, ensuring that employees are not only productive with new inbound email but also with access to the last 30-days of historical email.

ADR’s rich Web-based interface allows users to compose, read, and reply to email, ensuring continual access to all email functionality even when the primary email environment is unavailable or a backup email system is needed. Any messages sent via the Web-based tools can be automatically merged into the primary mail system to complete disaster recovery operations. When the primary mail environment is down or a business’ network is unavailable, preventing normal delivery of email, ADR continues to store messages to the archive and queues the original message for delivery once the primary email environment is restored.

FrontBridge Total Message Management
ADR integrates seamlessly with FrontBridge’s other Total Message Management solutions, providing business customers with a single partner for comprehensive managed messaging services. Its services mitigate legal discovery and compliance risks, preserve email continuity, and create a secure messaging perimeter. FrontBridge offers the broadest set of end-to-end services, including email and instant message archiving, virus scanning, spam filtering, desktop-enabled encryption, content control, policy enforcement, and business continuity. With FrontBridge Total Message Management, businesses can now consolidate complicated supplier relationships, lower total bill of services, simplify new service provisioning and unify technical customer support.

ADR is available immediately. To learn more about FrontBridge’s Message Continuity services, including ADR, or contact a FrontBridge Sales representative at or by calling +44 (0) 20 7872 5417.

About FrontBridge FrontBridge delivers comprehensive Total Message Management services for email and instant message compliance, security and continuity, ensuring the safety, manageability and accessibility of all electronic communications. The service offering delivers message archiving, spam filtering, virus scanning, encrypted email, policy enforcement and disaster recovery. Services are powered globally by the only load-balanced, fully redundant data centre network. FrontBridge is based in Los Angeles, Calif. and its managed services are trusted and relied upon by more than 3,000 businesses across the globe. FrontBridge maintains the managed service industry’s largest distribution partner network, including IBM, NEC, Sprint, VeriSign, Siemens Business Services Inc., TELUS and Equant. For more information, visit us on the web at

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