Bizanga Utilizes Cloudmark Technology to Deliver the Most Scalable and Top-Performing Email Security Appliance for the Global Market

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 1, 2005 – Cloudmark® Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for safe, secure and productive email messaging, today announced a partnership with Bizanga. Bizanga delivers the new Intelligent Message Processor (IMP), the most scalable and highest performance email security appliance on the market, which now includes Cloudmark’s Authority software. Bizanga selected Cloudmark to enhance its existing solution and for its easy integration into Bizanga’s email security appliance.

Bizanga’s Intelligent Message Processor (IMP) combined with Cloudmark’s award- winning email security software provides unparalleled accuracy for fighting spam, phishing and fraud. It is capable of filtering over two million emails per hour, while bringing incredible ease of deployment and flexibility for system administration. Using a first-of-its-kind, visual graphical interface, system administrators can easily implement any message handling policy specific to their company, including extremely complex legacy architecture. The open architecture allows the Intelligent Message Processor (IMP) to request information from external data sources, such as directories, using standards (LDAP, Active Directory, SQL etc.) as well as integration with most major commercial systems.

For Lycos Europe, a leading European Internet portal present in ten countries and hosting more than 25 million mailboxes, the protection for its email customers against spam and fraud messages is a key priority. Therefore it decided to test the joint offering as soon as the beta was available.

“We have been extremely impressed with the accuracy, throughput, ease of deployment and flexibility of the combined Bizanga and Cloudmark solution,” said Stéphane Charbonneau, development director, Lycos. “We were able to deploy Intelligent Message Processor into the Lycos Europe structure within half a day and have been able to process antispam and antivirus filtering for all Lycos traffic in Europe using only one machine. Moreover, we were impressed by the solution’s accuracy to block fraud as well as spam with low false positives in eight languages.”

Bizanga’s IMP is unique as it allows service providers (SPs) the ability to deal with all email borne threats on a single appliance, whether they are combated at a network level or at a content level. The solution also has the ability to host tens of thousands of domains with different integration options and different policies per domain on one box. Additionally, when combined with Cloudmark’s technology it delivers zero false positives so that no mission critical emails are missed.

“We selected Cloudmark for its superior software technology that actually exceeded our expectations for maintaining our mission critical performance bar, while doing its job to protect our customers from spam and fraud,” said Jerome Lecat, chief executive officer, Bizanga. “The combined offering provides exceptional handling and protection and can easily be deployed into existing architectures. With this leading edge and extremely reliable technology, we expect to increase our footprint in the SP market worldwide.”

“Bizanga’s decision to integrate Cloudmark into its Intelligent Message Processor appliance reiterates the strength of Cloudmark’s technology,” said Jacinta Tobin, vice president of business development, Cloudmark. “Our technology is able to offer high accuracy and low false positives while at the same time ensuring high message throughput, thus making it an ideal solution for service providers. We are delighted to forge a partnership with Bizanga in this space.”

About Bizanga
Bizanga Ltd ( is a global company, which has developed the fastest and most complete Email Security Appliance. The Intelligent Message Processor will secure email infrastructure against blended threats, including denial-of-service attacks and harvest attacks and enable content filtering to enforce policy compliance, while bringing the best anti-spam and anti-viruses to end users. Especially designed for Service Providers, it serves over 5 million mailboxes throughout Europe and Asia. Bizanga was created in August 2003 by Jér?´me Lecat, Olivier Lemarie and Marc Sheldon, three Internet industry veterans.

About Cloudmark, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Cloudmark® is the company that delivers the immune system for email. The company offers tailored anti-spam and anti-fraud solutions for the individual user, small and medium businesses (SMBs), large enterprises and service providers to bring immediate relief to thousands of organizations with millions of users, as well as, more than 1.3 million desktop users in 153 countries using its solutions today.

Cloudmark invented the highly effective spamDNA technology, the recent innovation of Email Genetic Mapping(tm) coupled with Cloudmark’s revolutionary nDimensional technology and the first peer-to-peer, real-time, SpamFighting community in 1998.

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