CipherTrust Anti-Virus Powered by Authentium Bolsters IronMail’s Best-Of-Breed Virus Protection

March 11, 2005 – CipherTrust, Inc., the leader in messaging security, today announced the availability of CipherTrust Anti-Virus, powered by Authentium, as the latest enhancement to the company’s award-winning IronMail appliance. Providing premier signature-based protection against more than 150,000 known virus and worm threats, Authentium strengthens CipherTrust’s Zero Day Virus Protection with a faster and more effective signature engine to supplement IronMail’s deterministic and heuristic-based protection schemes.

Bryan Lucas, server administrator at Texas Christian University, said: “The CipherTrust Anti-Virus, powered by Authentium, has proven very successful for TCU. We rely on a two-layer approach using one product at the gateway and one at the desktop. Adding Authentium to our IronMail appliance was a seamless process and uniquely allows us to run two AV engines on IronMail for redundancy and further protection. We found that no other email security gateway can do that. TCU has been very pleased with Authentium’s frequency of definition updates, as well as its increased detection ability.”

Comprehensive threat protection
CipherTrust Anti-Virus, powered by Authentium, offers the most advanced solution available to detect and block known viruses. While Zero-Day protection is a critical component of an effective layered virus defense, the need remains for a traditional, robust signature-based anti-virus engine. When deployed correctly, this system provides assurance that known viruses will not trouble a customer’s network. Authentium has over 150,000 threat signatures in its database, providing the broadest protection in the space.

Enhancing the effectiveness of the solution are IronMail’s Threat Response Updates (TRU), which send real-time threat updates to CipherTrust’s Anti-Virus powered by Authentium, in addition to other IronMail components. By deeply integrating the anti-virus technology with IronMail, CipherTrust reduces the customer’s administrative burden of managing multiple platforms and allows anti-virus to be another facet of a unified email policy.

Authentium has specialised in virus control for enterprises since 1992 and the incorporation of its technology with CipherTrust’s award-winning IronMail messaging security appliance provides customers with the most advanced solution available to detect and block known viruses. The combination of these premier technologies has already shown incredible results in the field, specifically with the outbreak of the recent Bagle variant. IronMail’s Zero Day Virus Protection, including CipherTrust Anti-Virus powered by Authentium, protected CipherTrust’s customers from the attack.

Doug Brunt, senior vice president of business development at Authentium, said:
“Authentium has a proven track record of securing data over large networks. This partnership with CipherTrust is consistent with Authentium’s strategic focus on building great technology that complements the security offerings of industry leaders. The IronMail appliance in combination with the Authentium antivirus technology provides unsurpassed gateway messaging security.”

Mike Van Bruinisse, senior vice president of sales and business development, CipherTrust, said: ”Email is the predominant method of virus proliferation today and regardless of whether enterprises already have an anti-virus solution, industry analysts are encouraging them to build an additional layer of virus protection, deployed at the gateway. The complete protection of our customers from all messaging threats is a priority for both CipherTrust and Authentium. CipherTrust’s decision to partner with Authentium as the power behind our branded signature-based virus protection significantly deepens our already extensive and wide-ranging anti-virus offering.”

CipherTrust Anti-Virus, powered by Authentium is available immediately and is already in use by existing IronMail users.

About Authentium
Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Authentium develops core OS encapsulation, application defense, data interception and data analysis technologies, and is the leading provider of security application toolkits to independent software vendors and appliance manufacturers. One of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the security software industry, Authentium provides services to more than 2,200 enterprise, agency, and education customers worldwide. For more information about Authentium, please visit

About CipherTrust, Inc.
CipherTrust, Inc. is the leader in messaging security. Recognised by IDC as the market leader, the Company’s award-winning IronMail appliance protects the messaging systems of more enterprise e-mail users than any other solution, including more than 30 percent of the Fortune 100. CipherTrust pioneered messaging security by uniquely combining the five critical e-mail security components of spam and fraud prevention, virus and worm protection, policy and content compliance, e-mail privacy, and intrusion prevention into a single easy to deploy and manage platform. The Company is backed by top tier investors including Battery Ventures and Greylock Partners. For more information about CipherTrust, please visit or call +44 (0)870 990 5516.

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