Checkbridge and Cloudmark Partner to Provide Spam and Fraud-Free Email for Internet Service Providers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March, 18 – Cloudmark® Inc., the company that delivers the immune system for email and Checkbridge, the managed email filtering company, today announced a partnership to deliver advanced spam, fraud, and phishing filtering capability via hosted services to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Europe. As part of the alliance, Checkbridge will license Cloudmark Authority software and embed it within its Border Scout managed email filtering service for ISPs. The highly effective Border Scout service integrated with Cloudmark’s best-of-breed technology provides significant benefits to Checkbridge’s ISP customers, including unparalleled accuracy, low false positives and high message throughput. Checkbridge is the first managed service provider to offer Cloudmark Authority in Europe.

Checkbridge selected Cloudmark for its leading carrier-grade, scaleable ISP solution and unique filtering approach, which combines an automated and adaptive content classifier with updates from the world’s largest real-time community of spam and phishing reporters. This approach offers zero-day protection against a variety of outbreaks and is far more accurate than traditional reactive technologies such as rules, lists, heuristics and content based filters. Authority was developed as a carrier-grade solution from the ground up, and is extremely efficient, achieving higher message throughput than competing solutions., the largest ISP in Europe, is the first to offer the Border Scout service integrated with the Cloudmark Authority engine. “The main reason for’s adoption of Border Scout stems from the rigour behind the technical choices and the extent of the integration possibilities within our business,” says Neil Levine, CTO, Group. “Filtering provision is critical to the future success of our position in the ISP market. Border Scout with the Cloudmark Authority engine has not only allowed us to fulfill this need but also given us a profitable revenue stream.”

Cloudmark Authority, embedded within Checkbridge Border Scout, allows the ISP and its client centralised control and visibility of email filtering on a global basis, without the hassle of day-to-day administration. ISPs will see an immediate improvement in filtering performance and resource utilisation, allowing increased productivity and lower operating costs. Additionally, any ISP can use the managed email filtering solution on behalf of its business customers, residential customers and its channel.

“Until now, despite the pressure to take on the ownership of filtering, ISPs in Europe have had neither the ‘stick’ through legislation nor the ‘carrot’ through a viable commercial application to accept the responsibility,” says John Turley, managing director, Checkbridge. “The Border Scout service, in conjunction with Cloudmark, provides ISPs and their customers the reassurance they need to offer filtering services to all their clients – large and small.”

“Checkbridge’s decision to integrate Cloudmark Authority Engine into its Border Scout service addresses the growing customer demand for a comprehensive ISP secure email solution that is carrier-grade,” says Vipul Ved Prakash, chief scientist and founder of Cloudmark. “Our partnership with Checkbridge signifies yet another milestone in our growth in the ISP and hosting space and demonstrates our commitment to an aggressive growth path in European markets.”

About Checkbridge

Checkbridge was set up in 2004 to help mitigate the risk of email failure to businesses in Europe. Checkbridge’s aim is simply to ‘enable trusted communication’. Checkbridge achieves this by providing a fully managed spam and virus filtering service for ISPs, called Border Scout.

Border Scout is a fully managed, configurable, email filtering service, blocking unwanted email at the Internet level, before it reaches a business or residential network or computer. Border Scout leaves an ISP’s client with centralised control and visibility of content filtering, without the hassle day-to-day administration.

The Border Scout service is deployed across multiple servers in three premier European data centres, to ensure that the service is available twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year.

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