Email Systems Wins Major European TV Network Contract

Email Systems has won a contract with major European TV network Sveriges Television AB, based in Sweden, to provide specialist email management services – including anti-spam and anti-virus solutions – for all 3,000 employees of the business.

Public service television company Sveriges Television (SVT) is the largest broadcast media by volume in Sweden, with a market share of 45% of viewers. The company operates five channels which are available via terrestrial and satellite for viewers in Sweden and across Europe. SVT is funded, as with the BBC, by a compulsory licence fee for possession of a TV-set in Sweden and reaches an estimated 99.8% of the country’s 9 million population – or 4.2 million households.

The email management service will be primarily centrally managed by SVT’s IT team but will benefit employees at all 27 offices across the country, which were experiencing rapidly growing numbers of spam.

A fixed trial has determined SVT to proceed with a full implementation of the services, primarily based on the level of protection that SVT now receives from incoming mail and the simplicity of the service to use. Prior to implementing the service, SVT had tried different solutions for spam-protection without reaching a satisfactory resolution to the problem.

Leif Br?¤defors, Technical Manager at Sveriges Television AB, said:

“Our entire company was suffering of unnecessary email on a daily basis, which restricted email’s effectiveness for both end users and our internal support organisation. Since the trial email management service has been implemented, we’ve noticed a considerable improvement in the situation, with both spam and viruses removed before they reach our server, allowing our employees to use clean, junk-free email. We also see the protection from “denial of service” as an important insurance for our e-mail platform. ”

Outside the UK, Scandinavia is a leading market to benefit from Email Systems’ international roll-out, and this contract represents one of several recent wins for the Scandinavian arm of the business.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Email Systems, added:

“We believe that Scandinavia represents an excellent opportunity for Email Systems given the high penetration of broadband, the prevalent use of email and the extremely high level of technical competence of many of the businesses there. As we’ve seen in the UK, it’s not just companies in the IT sector which are being targeted – it’s a problem that spans the economy. Consequently, since setting up in Scandinavia in 2004 we’ve already noted a real demand for email management and are confident that our Swedish business will continue to grow extremely quickly.”

Email Systems monitors the flow of spam and virus infected email messages on behalf of millions of corporate, public sector and domestic users. For more information, visit or call 0870 141 7070.

About Email Systems:

Email Systems offers a comprehensive range of best-of-breed email management and protection services that are available either individually or as a modular package for Enterprise, Home and ISP customers. These include archiving, image scanning and encryption, in addition to core anti-spam and anti-virus services. Email Systems’ web-based solutions ensure that clients need not download or manage software on their PC or server, offering complete peace of mind with no effort required. Email Systems is continually developing technical partnerships with global market leaders, such as Commtouch, which offers unique Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology to analyse large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, protecting customers from the first seconds of a spam or virus outbreak. Email Systems has offices in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden.

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