Vircom Pledges to Protect the Value of Email

24 March 2005: Vircom Inc., developer of award-winning Modusâ„? email security solutions, announces its strategy to protect and enhance the value of email, and to ensure it remains a valuable business tool to even the most security-driven organizations.

Email, once considered a reliable, efficient method of communication, is becoming an unviable business tool in unprotected email environments. Spam has reached unprecedented levels, hampering network availability and reliability. Fraud and phishing have disastrous consequences for their victims and decrease the level of confidence businesses have in email.

Organizations are suffering as employees are forced to spend valuable company time sifting through spam, fraud attempts and falsified information. In addition, legal liabilities can result from unsecured email, if its confidential content is intercepted by unauthorized tiers.

As a result, there is a rising need for security tools that will not only address the constantly evolving email security problems, but also give back email its original value as a trusted means of communication.

Vircom’s strategy is to meet heightened security requirements by developing comprehensive solutions that encompass all aspects of securing e-mail networks, thus allowing system administrators to regain control over their email networks and to restore organizational and end-user confidence in email systems.

Vircom’s current multi-layered Modusâ„? technology already offers sophisticated network-level defenses and superior email filtering capabilities, as well as carrier-centric measures such as 128-bit encryption for ultimate security and control over the complete email reception and delivery process.

Vircom will continue to enhance its Modusâ„? technology to meet evolving needs to further protect the value of email and to ensure it continues to be a valuable tool for organizations of all types. The company will also continue to contribute to the international email security legislation efforts by advising influential groups such as The Canadian Task Force on Spam, the American FTC and the All Party Internet Group in Europe.

About Vircom:
Montreal-based Vircom is a leading developer of cutting-edge Internet infrastructure and secure messaging solutions for the demanding needs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate clients. Vircom’s Modusâ„? secure email management technology incorporates over 10 years of industry expertise, making it a powerful driving force in the defence against spam and email-borne fraud.

Present in Europe since 2003, Vircom Europe has distribution agreements for its Modus anti-spam products with a network of managed security service providers, value-added distributors and resellers in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Turkey.

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