Protocom Advises Importance Of Credential Management Technologies In Preventing Online Theft

Canberra, 29 March 2005 – Protocom Development Systems, the leading developer of enterprise single sign-on technology today advised enterprises that deploying credential management solutions such as enterprise single sign-on and authentication technologies, will assist them establish the fundamental elements for secure ebusiness and prevent online fraud.

“Enterprise’s reliance on online transactions has caused grave implications for data protection. At any one time, the data stored and transmitted in business-to-business, customer-to-business, or employee-to-business transactions, without the necessary security precautions, is vulnerable to attack.” Protocom CEO Jason Hart said.

Most instances of online theft such as phishing or rogue administrator fraud, attack vulnerabilities in an enterprise’s security landscape, such as weak proof-of-identity practice; poor user credential management, or a lack of online event auditing. Enterprise single sign-on technologies strengthen enterprise networks against these threats by consolidating user credentials into a single identity, enforcing stringent verification of this identity, strictly managing user application authentication and access to online data, and auditing online events.

“Enterprise networks have never been more vulnerable to fraud. The sheer volume of credentials each user needs to perform their daily jobs, combined with a notable lack of strong user verification at the enterprise network login makes it easier than ever for fraudsters to gain access to sensitive data.” Hart added.

“When a user’s credentials are consolidated into a single identity, and this identity is authenticated by the user’s fingerprint scan and smartcard swipe, the enterprise is empowered to enforce restricted data access, ensure data protection and prove, in a court of law, the events this user performed online.” Hart said.

“Enterprise single sign-on solutions can achieve this for the enterprise.” Hart added.
Enterprise single sign-on solutions leverage the single, secure identity of each user by consolidating their credentials into their specific object within their network directory. Users simply authenticate at the network login to launch their enterprise single sign-on solution, which, when prompted, retrieves their necessary credentials and handles their subsequent application authentications for them. Users are no longer required to manage their application logins, eliminating the threat of users writing their application credentials down or creating credentials that are easily cracked.

Enterprises can restrict the access of each user through their enterprise single sign-on solution by leveraging the role-based access rights established in the directory for each user’s identity. Enterprise single sign-on solutions reference this information and allow administrators to configure each users access to applications based on their functional grouping within the directory. This ensures only authorized users have access to confidential information.

Enterprise single sign-on solutions, when integrated with authentication technologies, can require employees to verify their identity at the network login via a complex password, biometric, smartcard or token device or any combination of these. When a user authenticates with multi-factor authentication, the enterprise has irrefutable evidence of the user’s identity.

Enterprise can apply this strong proof-of-identity to report and audit the user’s online events. Once the enterprise single sign-on solution has confirmed the user’s identity, it captures the time, number of attempts and authentication used to access the network. It also records the user’s online events, the systems accessed or information altered, as well as the time they log out.

About Protocom Development Systems
Protocom Development Systemsâ„? is an award winning leader in password management solutions, recognised by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards as the 11th fastest growing IT firm in Australia. Protocom develops innovative network security solutions for governments and enterprises worldwide. The SecureLogin Password Management Suite, consisting of enterprise single sign-on, advanced (strong) authentication and self-service password reset enhances security, lowers administration costs and improves employee productivity. Founded in 1989, Protocom is a privately held company that has been profitable since incorporation in 1993. In 2004, Protocom became a member of the Liberty Alliance Project. Protocom has offices in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. For further information on the Protocom SecureLogin Password Management Suite, visit, or call +1 800 5813502.


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