Kanguru Solutions Teams Up With Securewave To Provide Complete USB Device Control And Network Security Solution

Millis, Massachusetts – April 1, 2005 – Kanguru Solutions announces a strategic alliance with SecureWave to offer complete PC/Network device control and data security aimed at eliminating information leakage.
Both leaders in their respective fields, this collaboration pairs SecureWave’s Sanctuary Device Control software with the KanguruMicro Drive AES, a 256-bit AES encrypted flash drive designed to meet government security standards. The combination delivers the first complete USB and internal Network security solution. Sanctuary Device Control software allows administrators the ability to regulate which devices are authorized to access the network. Access is granted only through the creation of Whitelists, or permission of the administrator to allow authorized personnel access to specific devices they need.

The KanguruMicro Drive AES is the most secure USB Flash Drive currently available, meeting Sarbanes-Oxley, DFARS and HIPAA regulations and currently undergoing FIPS 140-2 certification.

“We’re setting the standard for network data security! Any organization concerned with data leakage will be able to appreciate what this alliance offers,” said Nate Cote, Vice President of Product Management for Kanguru Solutions. “Numerous studies point to internal data theft being 80% or more of total data loss, and with the implementation of regulations such as Sarbanes- Oxley, HIPAA, and other federal directives, information security has become a major concern to all of us. We are proud to deliver a complete solution to address these vital needs that our customers have been requiring,” While the Sanctuary Device Control software allows for network administrators to easily monitor and audit activity throughout a network, the 256-bit AES Encrypted KanguruMicro Drive allows for heightened security within the storage device itself. Currently, the KanguruMicro Drive AES is the only USB Flash Drive undergoing the FIPS 140-2 validation process, certifying it as secure for Government use. As an additional option, Kanguru Solutions has the ability to create custom identifiers within each KanguruMicro Drive AES to provide customers the ability to track all data activity to and from the drive.

“This creates an incredibly powerful tool for network administrators. We are giving them the ability to know who “owns” each device, what time any data exchanges take place, on what workstation, and what data was accessed. It’s a very valuable shadowing, monitoring, and auditing tool to counteract internal data theft.” Said Nate Cote, elaborating on the combined capabilities of the software and drives.

This is a new wave in data and network security by providing real-time information down to specific device level to an administrator. Kanguru Solutions, in conjunction with SecureWave, is providing a turnkey solution allowing a CIO to implement enforceable USB and Network security policy in as little as 30 days to meet whichever regulation is pertinent to that organization. With flash drive capacities up to 4GB and beyond, custom security coloring options of red and green, and unique serial number tracking features, this is the most robust, versatile, and effective storage and security option available.

About Kanguru Solutions:
A division of Interactive Media Corporation, Kanguru Solutions manufactures high quality, secure and portable computer storage peripherals that have provided customers with secure storage solutions for more than a decade. Interactive Media Corp. was established in Massachusetts in 1992 and provides solutions through a wide range of top tier partners. For more information on Kanguru Solutions, visit their web site at www.kanguru.com.

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