Convergence Of IT And Physical Security Continues To Accelerate

NetBotz, the solution which combines cyber security with physical security, offers new surveillance software to reduce data retrieval headaches.

UK push for NetBotz with the appointment of Wick Hill as security distributor

Woking, Surrey: April 6th 2005 – The convergence of cyber security and physical security continues to accelerate with the appointment of Wick Hill as UK security distributor for NetBotz, and the development of new surveillance software in the NetBotz remote monitoring security solution.

NetBotz, an American company, is the leading global provider of web-based monitoring solutions which combine traditional physical security with cyber security. The appointment of Wick Hill signals Netbotz’ confidence in the growth in demand for this type of converged security solution in the UK market. The latest product developments demonstrate how the scope of such solutions is continuing to grow.

NetBotz is an active monitoring system designed to protect against the threats of interruption in distributed or understaffed locations with computer equipment or other remote assets. It monitors the environmental, visual and audio elements in such locations, alerting users to conditions that can lead to equipment failure. This advance warning helps avoid costly network downtime as well as providing motion-based video alerts.

For example, the environmental sensors monitor temperature, humidity, door, and air flow to maintain optimum conditions. It can also switch on devices such as secondary air conditioning. The audio sensors listen for audio alerts, such as those from smoke alarms or a chirping UPS. And the built-in camera lets users view the appliance location to see that all is well and provide physical security. The system is very flexible and compatible, allowing for a wide range of functions to be managed. Monitoring can be provided 24/7 and managed centrally.

New surveillance software reduces data retrieval headaches
NetBotz surveillance software allows IT managers to create a visual record of who enters their facilities and track what they do while they’re there. A new feature enhances the user’s ability to quickly find and play back “surveillance clips of interest” and discard irrelevant archived video data. This saves time, making it even easier to get at critical data quickly, and enhances court admissibility with watermarking.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of value added distributor Wick Hill Group, commented: “IT security and physical security are rapidly converging. NetBotz is a solution which allows companies to combine these two essential security elements. The solution is suitable for SMEs through to the largest corporates and is particularly apt for vertical markets such as governments, utilities, education, manufacturing and financial, which tend to have widely distributed, often unattended systems, together with the need for 24/7 availability.”

Ken Yearwood, channel sales director Europe for NetBotz, said: ” We are confident that the appointment of security specialist Wick Hill will help us expand in the UK market. NetBotz is the ideal way to cost-effectively protect equipment at remote locations, both from equipment failure and from physical damage or theft. UK companies will now find it easier to buy and set up NetBotz solutions thanks to the security expertise of Wick Hill resellers.”

Pricing and Availability
NetBotz is available through accredited Wick Hill resellers. Supplier’s recommended price (SRP) is from GBP 630.

About Wick Hill
Established in 1976, VAD (value added distributor) Wick Hill specialises in secure infrastructure solutions. The company’s portfolio covers security, performance, access, services and management. Wick Hill sources and delivers best-of-breed, easy-to-use solutions through its channel partners, providing customer support, implementation, training and technical services. Wick Hill Ltd is part of the international Wick Hill Group, based in Woking, Surrey with sister offices in Hamburg.

About NetBotz
NetBotz, Inc. is the leading global provider of IP- based intelligent physical security solutions that secure against physical threats. 1,500 organisations use the NetBotz solution, which prevents business and financial losses attributed to network downtime by providing early warning of physical conditions that threaten the integrity of a company’s data, technical and equipment assets. Based in Austin, Texas, NetBotz is a privately held company with funding from QuestMark Partners, SSM Venture Partners, CenterPoint Ventures, Osprey Ventures and Hill Partners Inc.

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