NetFrameworks Announces SafeSpaceSoftware Group Information Manager

Thursday April 14, 7:50 am ET – New Product and Service Counters the ‘Common Wisdom’ That the More Powerful the Security, the More Difficult the User Experience

MCLEAN, Va., April 14 /PRNewswire/ — NetFrameworks announces the availability of its SafeSpaceSoftware suite of products and services, which provide workgroup information management and collaboration tools. SafeTeams working in this environment experience great productivity advantages with strong cryptographically controlled security – security that needs minimal user administration. The product counters the “common wisdom” that the more powerful the security, the more difficult the user experience. SafeSpaceSoftware designers considered not just security technology, but the ways in which people interact and enterprises create their knowledge bases. SafeSpaceSoftware includes key functions of email, groupware markup, virtual private networking, a web browser interface, a file server, and a personal information manager – but goes beyond each in integration and user-friendliness. It’s a Group Information Manager that lets you belong to many project or functional teams, creating unique SafeWorkSpaces for improving the effectiveness of managers, mentors, team members, and auditors.

SafeSpaceSoftware offers a wide range of group information exchange modes, including simple messaging, threaded messages for group comments, file and document transfer, tracking the activities of group members, and simple, yet powerful HTML editing.

Eric Greenberg, Chief Technical Officer of NetFrameworks and former Netscape SSL security group manager, points out, “Real people interact in many ways, not just by sending messages or files. SafeSpaceSoftware goes beyond messaging systems to include means of interaction including moderated and unmoderated discussion, opinion polling, and showing how experts approach a problem.”

It solves the quadruple security problems of access control, information exchange, storage and transport. Every information exchange is logged for audit. Within groups, there are extensive keyword labeling and search mechanisms which organize information far beyond the capabilities of threaded message lists.

NetFrameworks offers a variety of delivery and support options to meet customer requirements. SafeSpaceSoftware for Linux and the SafeSpace Online service are shipping now.

Contact NetFrameworks today and be up-and-running tomorrow. Send email to or call us today at 1-866-FRAMEWK (1-866-372-6395) extension 11 (outside of the U.S., call +1-703-485-4544 extension 11).

About NetFrameworks, Inc.

Founded in 1998, NetFrameworks is a privately held full-service security technology firm based in the Washington, DC area. Clients include small-, medium-, and large-size businesses worldwide. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies and government agencies tasked with security and protection of people and national assets.

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