Kamatoz.Computing announces PassMonster 2.30

April, 15 2004 Kamatoz.Computing announced version 2.30 of its multi-functional passwords storing and management software suite. PassMonster is a feature packed passwords management software that offers strong 256 bit passwords data encryption never seen before in passwords management software as well as totally customizable skinable interface layout adding a touch of style. PassMonster is intended both for individuals and enterprises who would like to safely store the increasing number of passwords, pin-codes, serial numbers etc.

PassMonster allows simplifying and securing passwords management by providing convenient way of storing any number of passwords for any number of computer users. Passwords can be securely stored in a single database or multiple databases each having its own master key. PassMonster supports encrypted and un-encrypted passwords databases as well as import\export\migration to and from plain text, comma separated values format and XML. All encryption operations handled with blazing fast speed and absolutely transparent to the user, while extra security measures (file wiping, memory monitoring and optional actions logging for high-security environments) are supported.

“There are several passwords keeping and management solutions available on the market today,” – said Greg Arkadiev, Kamatoz.Computing CEO. “However, the major issue with virtually any of those solutions is that they usually have only one strong point per application: either good encryption or easy-to-use interface or scalability. When developing PassMonster, we focused on bringing the latest technologies out there to create passwords management suite that has all it takes to be absolutely secure, flexible, convenient and good looking!”

According to Alexey Navrasov, Kamatoz.Computing security expert, “Unlike common security solutions available today that implement one of the publicly available open key encryption algorithms PassMonster uses coupled 128 bit and 256 bit data encryption making it almost impossible to use so called ‘smart hacks’ involving math formulae to break into encrypted data. PassMonster allows reliable protection both from ‘brute force attacks’ and ‘smart hacks’ keeping surprisingly high speed of operation!”.

About Kamatoz.Computing
Kamatoz.Computing was founded in 1996 as a custom software solutions development group. In 1999 Kamatoz.Computing led by Mr. Greg Arkadiev moved into end-user products market. As of now, Kamatoz.Computing offers three commercial products as well as custom software solutions and developers services for shareware vendors worldwide. The development team is involved in researching security technologies, biometrics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural networks.

For more information, contact Kamatoz.Computing at:
E-mail: press@kamatoz.com
Corporate web site: http://kamatoz.com
Product web site: http://kamatoz.com/passmonster/
Free trial version is available for download at

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