Panda Software releases the beta version of its “scan and block’ solution, Panda VPNSecure for Check Point VPN-1 Pro

Panda Software has made its beta version of Panda VPNSecure available to users. This is a “scan and block’ solution designed to prevent malware and hackers from infiltrating corporate networks during VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections. The new Panda Software solution protects VPN connections under both IPSec and SSL. The solution ensures that systems that are not part of the corporate network comply with established security policies. The beta version of Panda VPNSecure requires VPN-1 Pro from Check Point Software Technologies.

Security problems affecting VPN connections

Remote connection to the corporate network has become a necessity for many companies today. With many people working from home or out on-site, there has been a need to create systems for connecting to the corporate network in order to access resources. One of the most widespread systems for communicating remotely with a network is through VPN connections. However, a VPN connection is also a critical entry point for all kinds of malware. In fact, according to a survey carried out by the NTA Monitor consultancy firm, nine out of ten VPNs are not secure. This same company believes that VPNs are the weakest point in corporate network security. Any type of malware can enter corporate servers directly through a VPN. The answer lies in verifying the security of the computer that is connecting remotely.

Panda VPNSecure: a “scan and block’ solution against malware and hackers

Panda VPNSecure is a “scan and block’ preventive security solution that guarantees that remote computers connecting to the network comply with security policies defined by the administrator. It checks that the computer about to connect has an active and up-to-date antivirus as well as an active firewall.

Additionally, VPNSecure scans the system memory in search of active malicious processes (corresponding to worms, spyware, keyloggers, etc.), and blocks any that it finds. This on-demand scan serves as a valuable second opinion, complementing any non- Panda antivirus protection that might be installed. The excellent response times of Panda Software against new malware attacks further boosts the performance of this additional protection.

Also, in VPN connections running under IPSec, it ensures that split tunneling is disabled before allowing the connection.

VPNSecure is managed through an intuitive and easy-to-use Web console and allows the administrator to configure the security policies for the remote computers, as well as the actions to take for non-compliant systems.

In VPN connections running under SSL, frequently used in systems not managed by the company (such as business centers, Internet kiosks, etc.), a component is automatically downloaded to verify the security posture of the system and to actually scan it for malicious processes, before granting the connection. In addition, all traces of the session (cookies, temporary files, browser history, etc.) are removed from the system once it is terminated.

The beta version of Panda VPNSecure can be downloaded from

More information about the new Panda software solution is available at

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