Email Systems Unveils Major Email Management Suite Update v3 For Infosec

Email management specialist Email Systems has launched a third version of it’s suite of services to coincide with Infosec, the Information Security event at London Olympia from April 26th to 28th 2005.

In addition to best of breed services such as anti-spam and anti-virus management, along with archiving and image scanning of email, Email Systems’ latest release includes a number of leading edge services that have been integrated into the overall management package.

Anti-DoS, is a new service which will monitor for distributed denial of service (DoS or DDos) & DHA (Directory Harvest) attacks on corporate networks, a relatively new threat which is affecting a growing number of UK businesses month-on-month. Whereas classic Denial of Service attacks are relatively easy to safeguard against through identifying and blocking a single IP address via a firewall, DDoS utilises multiple IP addresses to attack a single network or server with a bombardment of email. Anti-DoS monitors for DDoS activity and, using reputation based algorithms and data gathered from the Email Systems’ network, effectively cuts off the route to the client network without any reduction in bandwidth capacity or levels of service.

The latest management suite release includes a completely Redesigned User Interface, which has been created as a result of ongoing research into usability. In addition to powerful new features and functionality, such as DNS & Open Relay security checks, the new interface provides the information in a simplified, intuitive format, featuring drop down sub-menus for example.

A new Reporting Suite affords Email Systems’ clients greater flexibility to extract key measurables as accurate reports in a wide range of formats – including numerous graphical options. This new reporting allows clients to monitor and manage incoming and outgoing email activity on an hour-by-hour basis if required. Users can also “slice and dice’ information as they choose – for example creating custom groups to examine how email activity differs from one group of domains in a certain country to another.

Email Systems has unveiled TLS (Transport Layer Security) Encryption, allowing all email traffic to be fully encrypted when sent between two Email Systems clients. For mail sent from a third party to an Email Systems client, or vice-versa, the email is routinely encrypted between Email Systems’ data centres and the client network, providing an added layer of security.

A new Proactive Security Monitor delivers updates on additional security information, providing peace of mind for the corporate CTO or IT Manager. Rather than queuing mail that a corporate client server is unable to receive through a hardware fault for example, this new 24 hour service is able to send a text message to the client informing them of the problem, providing essential information required in order to resume normal email service. Users are also able to monitor the effectiveness of their corporate firewall and constantly check their DNS records through a simple web-based interface.

The new system also enables full Integration With Microsoft Exchange Server, providing a range of additional features – such as allowing enforcement of an organisation’s access control policies across multiple domains or for multiple users simply and effectively.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Email Systems, commented:

“The emphasis with all of these additions is in staying one step ahead of market demand – so we wanted to deliver a broad range of services with features and functionality that complement our existing suite or services for threats that are either the current concern, or are likely to be the next major concern, of the corporate IT manager.

“Anti-DoS is an excellent example of this as distributed denial of service attacks are a growing problem but one which the vast majority of corporate networks are ill equipped to deal with. We believe that our reporting suite and user interface set new benchmarks for providing our customers with key information and we believe that the proactive security monitor function will greatly benefit our clients.”

Email Systems monitors the flow of spam and virus infected email messages on behalf of millions of corporate, public sector and domestic users across the UK. For more information, visit or call 0870 141 7070. See Email Systems at Infosec from April 26th to 28th at stand number 235. –

About Email Systems:

Email Systems offers a comprehensive range of best-of-breed email management and protection services that are available either individually or as a modular package for Enterprise, Home and ISP customers. These include archiving, image scanning and encryption, in addition to core anti-spam and anti-virus services. Email Systems’ web-based solutions ensure that clients need not download or manage software on their PC or server, offering complete peace of mind with no effort required. Email Systems is continually developing technical partnerships with global market leaders, such as Commtouch, which offers unique Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology to analyse large volumes of Internet traffic in real time, protecting customers from the first seconds of a spam or virus outbreak. Email Systems has offices in the United Kingdom, France and Sweden.

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