IMF Tune to Unleash the Full Exchange Intelligent Message Filter Power

Valletta, Malta (PRWEB) May 3, 2005 — WinDeveloper Software – WinDeveloper announced the release of its new anti-spam product WinDeveloper IMF Tune. The product builds on top of the Exchange 2003 Intelligent Message Filter (IMF). It extends IMF rendering it a first class anti-spam solution.

In his comments, Alexander Zammit the WinDeveloper Technical Lead explained the concept behind IMF Tune. “The availability of IMF created a new standard in Exchange anti-spam protection. IMF Tune was built with this fact in mind. It does not replicate any readily available functionality. Instead it focuses on bringing new value coupled with seamless Exchange integration.”

IMF Tune adds to IMF a long list of features. This includes granular email handling configurations, attachment removal, flexible email archiving, detailed logging, auto-replies, spam rerouting and a lot more. “IMF despite its powerful anti-spam engine provides minimal functionality. This changes completely as soon as you deploy IMF Tune.” said Alexander.

IMF Tune also deals with a common concern related to spam handling. With so many emails ending in the Junk Email folder it is hard to identify false positives. This is especially true when false results are one in a thousand of filtered emails. IMF Tune provides the ability to sort emails by SCL rating i.e. the measure identifying the likeliness of an email being spam. In this manner one can immediately verify those emails whose rating is lowest, hence being most at risk of wrong classification.

he rich IMF Tune feature set is coupled with highly competitive pricing. In fact the product is licensed per server. A single server license only costs $298. This means that no matter how many emails are processed or how many users are being serviced the price is not affected. When compared to various other anti-spam offerings based on per user licensing the costs go down dramatically as Alexander explained “With the availability of a free anti-spam engine like IMF, many expected more competitive pricing from the leading anti-spam vendors. Nevertheless this did not materialize. With our pricing we truly expect to lower the cost for Exchange anti-spam solutions.”

More information is available from the WinDeveloper web site at From here a 30 day free evaluation version is available for download.

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