Patch Experience Database Goes Live

Yorkshire, UK 16 May 2005 Limited, a leading provider of Microsoft patching and security tools today announced Flarepath Patch Experience Database – a community site to share experiences, tips and tricks deploying software patches.

There are many sources of information from software and hardware vendors about deploying patches but there are few, if any, real world experience sites. Flarepath are addressing this problem by providing a mechanism for IT and Patch professionals to share experiences deploying patches.

The site, PatchDB, supports searching by Operating System, Patch/KB/Q/Article number or a “free text” query. PatchDB accepts information for Microsoft Windows, different flavours of Linux and various hardware Operating Systems.

“We want to make PatchDB the first place people go to (after the vendor web site) when checking for issues deploying a patch.” said Glen Conway, Technical Director for Limited. “If you think about the diversity of systems worldwide, the myriad of configurations and interconnectivity – even the considerable amount of vendor testing is minuscule in comparison. We are trying to bring the real world results of that diversity to a central place.”

Patch DB is a free service available at Flarepath’s web site at

In addition, there is a PDA version at

About Limited are a Microsoft Certified Partner specialising in software development for the Enterprise. Formed in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Doncaster, United Kingdom.

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