Palcott Software Unveils Natural Login Pro Security Software, Secure

Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel and La Courneuve, France – Palcott Software today
introduced Natural Login Pro(tm), their software solution to securely
protect computer workstations automatically, in particular from internal
security breaches. Natural Login Pro addresses the growing need for
better computer security solutions, while also being more convenient
than alternative solutions.

While many solutions such as Firewalls and VPNs exist today to protect computer systems from external security threats, Natural Login Pro completes the security picture by offering a solution to the problem of internal security breaches. Natural Login Pro can secure the computer when the user steps away, while even allowing the user to forgo entering a password to gain access. Natural Login Pro does this by linking a user’s authorization to physical devices the user carries every day, such as USB or MP3 flash storage drives. This insures that when a user leaves their computer workspace, taking their personal device with them, that their computer is secured against intruders.

“With NaturalKey, computer users no longer have to re-enter their password each time the want to user their computer.” said Eric Constantini, Co-Founder and President of Palcott Software, “They now can gain access in a convenient fashion, while at the same time making their systems more secure.”

With Auto-Login, a user can be automatically logged in to their computer as they insert the device into the USB port. Natural Login Pro recognizes the user, determines their access privileges, and connects them to the appropriate account on the computer. The result is powerful hardware-based security melded with convenient access. In addition, unlike other security schemes that require users to carry around hardware tokens made specifically for access-control, with Natural Login Pro the user gets all of the advantages of a hardware token without the need for a dedicated device.

Natural Login Pro is especially suited for home users and small businesses who are currently evaluating their complete security needs and want to increase internal security in addition to their external security. Features include:

– Full-Time Access Control – Continuously monitors for the presence of authorized users.
– Easy, Transparent Operation – Can automatically lock and unlock computers – no need for expensive hardware tokens or biometric scanners.
– Flexible, Multi-Level Security – Allows the user to specify how many factors are required to access their computer – including options such as simple passwords, challenge-response authentication, graphical passwords and hardware authentication.

Pricing and Availability

Natural Login Pro costs $29.95(US) and will be available in May 2005 for Windows 2000 and XP. Supported external devices for authentication include USB flash drives and MP3 flash drives. Natural Login Pro will be available through OEM partners and through direct sales via the company’s web site and major software download sites.

About Palcott Software

Founded in 2004, Palcott Software, headquartered in La Courneuve, France, with a subsidiary in Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, develops and markets a new generation of data security solutions for home and small businesses. Palcott’s patent-pending Natural Login Pro technology secures and protects computers from the growing threat of internal security breaches, while at the same time making computer access more convenient and transparent.

The founding team, with over 20 years experience, forms an alliance bringing expertise in creating enterprises, management, and technique, together making a complementary team. They have created two enterprises in the high technology sector; Kortex international (Modems) and Aplio (VOIP) sold to Net2phone (NTOP) in 2000.

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