ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC: A Bulletproof Data Security System for

INFOTECS, the leading innovator in data security software, today announces the unveiling of ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC. This application is designed for PDA owners who can now protect their personal information from prying eyes by encrypting and password-protecting their sensitive files. ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC builds on the success of ViPNet Safe Disk for Windows Desktop that has seen the highest customer adoption over the last five years. The new version offers PDA owners the same unbeatable combination of data protection options and the ability to exchange confidential data between a PDA and a desktop computer.

“Today over a million of mobile devices is reported lost or stolen and only two percent of them are found by police,” says Alexey Novikov, product manager at INFOTECS. According to Mr. Novikov “The loss of confidential information that you store on a PDA may often be many times more valuable than the cost of the device itself and it may cause irreparable damage to your business and reputation. Our company has decided to respond to the security needs of PDA owners and designed a pocket version of our flagship product ViPNet Safe Disk. So, if you fear the loss of your PDA, you can count on ViPNet Safe Disk.”

ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC provides your PDA with a totally protected environment where data is stored encrypted and protected by a password even when your device is switched off or in the “stand-by” mode. It allows you to create the so-called “containers”. These are secure folders for confidential files which are created in the memory on a PDA and mounted by ViPNet Safe Disk software. You can easily open and edit any file from a secure folder in a word processor or database program, the file being automatically decrypted when opened and encrypted when saved. The program supports two 256 encryption algorithms – AES and GOST.

ViPNet Safe Disk features an intuitive, space-efficient interface designed specifically for PDAs. Thanks to its architecture, you can manage “containers” with a remarkable ease. You can quickly create, delete, mount or demount them – and all this in a few taps. In case of emergency you can use the “panic” mode to demount all mounted “containers” and hide the main window of the program from view with one tap. Added to this is the ability to connect your PDA to a PC and exchange data, provided that ViPNet Safe Disk is installed on the desktop computer.

ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC main advantages:
– Automatically demounts “containers” at system startup/exit;
– Moves confidential data between a PDA and a PC, provided that the latter has ViPNet Safe Disk for Windows Desktop;
– Multi-user interface;
– Built-in password generator and event log;
– Integration with “Today” screen.

Pricing and Availability ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC runs under Windows Mobile 2003 and costs $26.40 (USD) for a single-user license. A 20% discount is available to the buyers of ViPNet Safe Disk for Pocket PC and ViPNet Safe Disk for Windows. Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. A 20-day fully functional demo version of the program is available as a free download at the company’s website

INFOTECS is an information technology corporation from Russia. It was founded in 1989 by a group of software engineers. We specialize in universal networking solutions that help our clients enhance the efficiencies of their business. Our ViPNet family of products provides all tools for configuring and controlling a virtual private network based on the requirements of the customers. We proudly stand behind ViPNet CUSTOM, ViPNet Office and ViPNet Safe Disk. For more information about us and our products, please visit

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