Deny All Puts Its Partner Programme In The Starting Blocks

Following the successful launch of Deny All’s UK subsidiary in November last year, Deny All is introducing the new programme to boost its channel strategy. The European Network for Application Security (ENAS) enables Deny All to recognise integrators and hosts for their technical expertise and ability to implement projects for their customers through a well-defined and successful sales network. Deny All’s technical experts provide round-the-clock support from pre-sales through production to meet indirect customers’ needs within the framework of this programme. Whether they are integrators or hosts, Deny All offers partners the ability to reach a single goal: meeting the needs of the customer base effectively.

“Companies are quickly realising that web applications are becoming the “Achilles Heel’ of the network. With analyst groups such as Gartner claiming that 65% of attacks are now focused on web based applications you can understand why this is high on the business security agenda. ” said Philippe Fauchay, European Business Development Director. “Previously Deny All has focussed on a direct sales model in Europe. As the market for web application gateways matures and the number of our European reference sites increases, the time is ripe to work with channel partners.

ENAS programme comprises three key levels of involvement:

The first level – READY – is for the new partners just joining the dealer programme. . These partners rely on Deny All to extend their offer and establish their position in this rapidly growing segment of the security market. At the end of a 12-month period, these partners are offered the opportunity to move up to the Steady or Go level.

The second level – STEADY – comprises integrators and hosters who have already received training in how to sell Deny All solutions. They are responsible for the before-sales phase of the solutions and their installation. Deny All undertakes the technical support on their behalf directly to the customers. To be included in this classification, the partners must train more than three technical engineers.

The third level – GO – requires a heavier training investment on the part of the integrators themselves. The partners must train a minimum of seven technical engineers in the Deny All solutions and these engineers are then fully responsible for the pre-sales, installation and support phases. There is a strong degree of co-operation at this level which even includes co-operative marketing jointly financed by Deny All.

Technical and commercial certification of the partner’s teams and a joint commercial action plan are featured in all levels of the programme.

Some ten partners across Europe have already joined the ENAS programme:

– In France: Net2S, Ipelium, IB Group, Prosodie
– In Britain: Net2S
– In Spain: Adanta and Drago solutions
– In Denmark: Ezenta
– In Luxembourg: Secaron

Other partnerships will be set up by the end of 2005.

About Deny All

Deny All is a European innovator in web application firewalls dedicated to securing Web and FTP applications. Deny All supplies tried and tested solutions to major companies all over the world and across all industry sectors. The range of rWeb, rFTP and sProxy products, available in software form or as an appliance, guarantees the protection, authentication (SSO, SSL, X509, RSA/SecurID, Radius, etc.) and acceleration of Internet, Intranet and Extranet operations.

Capable of protecting hundreds of sites with a single appliance, these easy-to-install solutions guarantee the highest level of protection against known and unknown attacks present within HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and FTPS flows. Initially designed to meet the stringent requirements of the banking sector and based on reverse proxy technology, the flagship rWeb application firewall, has already been in production for seven years and has benefited from eight years of continuous investment in R&D. It now protects more than 1000 web sites around the world.

Operating in most European countries, Deny All is headquartered in Paris and has offices in Germany and Spain as well as a direct subsidiary in the United Kingdom. As a partner of HP and SUN, Deny All is a member of the Liberty Alliance.

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