Network World Declares Senforce Endpoint Security “Clear Choice for Innovation”

Draper, Utah —July 07, 2005—Senforce Technologiesâ„? Inc., the leader in location-aware enterprise endpoint security enforcement, today announced Network World has selected Senforce Endpoint Security Suite 3.0 as the “Clear Choice for Innovation” in its Clear Choice Test of endpoint security products that provide policy enforcement mechanisms.

Network World found the Senforce solution stood out as the winner among seven companies including Check Point, Cisco, and Trend Micro. Each product evaluated was required to identify systems out of policy compliance and take action to remediate that condition. Network World cited the following as reasons for selecting Senforce its “clear choice for innovation”:

Flexible customer policy scripting facility
Strong client resiliency
Cryptography-based assurance that a system actually resides on a trusted network

Receiving the highest marks of any company in the policy management, remediation and resiliency categories, the Senforce solution was cited for its “strong host-centric approach, using only client software and not an additional in-line network device like many of the other products we tested.”

“The Senforce Client Location Assurance Service (CLAS) that ships as part of the Senforce Endpoint Security Suite provides crypto-based assurance that a system actually resides on a known, trusted network and is not being spoofed,” the Network World review stated. “The agent sends an encrypted challenge to CLAS, which decrypts the message with a private key and sends a response. With this service, end users and administrators alike have reasonable assurance systems are indeed on the trusted network.”

“With the Check Point, Citadel and InfoExpress products, we were able to use a small amount of exploit code to rename the directory where the client is stored or delete the program files,” the review continued. “A system reboot did not show any indication the client software was removed. Senforce solves this problem by keeping its data and program files open continuously, detecting any attempts to remove the client software or components of it.”

Network World also cited the unique features the Senforce solution provides, such as allowing administrators to control wireless connectivity options through Senforce policies, including enabling and disabling wireless connections, managing Wired Equivalent Privacy keys, and dictating what adapters can be used, which access points a system can associate with, and how a system should respond to signal strength levels.

“We’re honored to be chosen by Network World as its “Clear Choice for Innovation,'” said Mike Hall, chief executive officer, Senforce. “Senforce is a visionary in the endpoint security industry, providing best-of-breed solutions to help our customers combat security threats. The fact that Network World recognized us among such a strong list of companies speaks volumes about what makes our solution stand out from the rest.”

Senforce also scored highest among all other vendors as a stand-alone solution. A combination of two other products were submitted as a “joint” solution that surpassed Senforce in this review’s overall rating; however, a similar combination of Senforce Endpoint Security Suite with partner BigFix is likely to have also topped that solution, affirmed Hall.

ESS with integrated support for third-party anti-virus solutions is available now. For more information about Senforce’s endpoint integrity features, please visit

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