LURHQ Leverages Purpose-Built Technology and Expertise to Provide Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Managed Service

Chicago, IL – July 13, 2005 – LURHQ, the leading provider of Managed Security Services for security professionals, today announced the general availability of its Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Service. LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service features a quick, hassle-free implementation and allows security professionals to easily satisfy audit requirements without having to install or manage a software product.

“Our enterprise clients consistently express interest in the benefits SIEM can deliver, but are hesitant to deploy a software solution because these solutions require excessive resources and the risk of failure is simply too high,” said LURHQ Chief Operating Officer Steven Drew, “By offering SIEM as a service instead of a product, we’re able to provide the enterprise-wide event aggregation, analysis and compliance reporting that today’s organizations need, while eliminating the implementation and maintenance costs that come with software.”

Security professionals are able to quickly evaluate their security controls via the secure, web-based Sherlock Enterprise Security Portal. From the Portal, they can easily provide well-documented evidence that the processes and mechanisms being used to safeguard critical assets are compliant with external regulations and internal standards. The Portal’s robust reporting capabilities are also extremely versatile, allowing security teams to report on groups of assets and individual assets, effectively removing the guesswork in compliance initiatives.

Unlike software SIEM solutions, LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service is quickly implemented in a matter of days, eliminating the risk inherent in long and tedious software installation. Designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service seamlessly integrates with existing network infrastructure regardless of the technologies currently being used. This facilitates the rapid implementation of LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service and allows organizations to grow at their own pace, adding new devices and technologies as needed. Also, because it is managed 24x7x365 by LURHQ’s trusted security experts, enterprises relying on LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service do not incur the continuous maintenance and updating costs that result from software solutions.

Based on proven technology, LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service is an enterprise-class, scalable solution that uses mature processes to provide aggregation, correlation, and automated analysis of security events. LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service enables better decision-making and resource allocation by presenting security management with the holistic and actionable information they need to determine the right courses of action and prioritize tasks. Additionally, the Portal’s workflow functionality keeps members of the security team all on the same page, so that compliance and remediation initiatives that require close collaboration and teamwork are completed in a quick and cost-effective manner.

LURHQ’s SIEM Managed Service integrates with its suite of Managed Security Services to bring together all the information gained from scanning, intelligence, monitoring and management to provide enterprises with an effective Threat and Vulnerability Management solution. As a result, enterprises are able to easily demonstrate compliance and enhance their security posture while spending less money.

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LURHQ is the leading provider of Managed Security Services for security professionals. Founded in 1996, LURHQ empowers security professionals across its extensive base of enterprise clients through an integrated suite of Managed Security Services designed to deliver an effective Threat and Vulnerability Management solution. By combining scanning, intelligence, device management, monitoring and security information management processes into one comprehensive system, LURHQ’s Threat and Vulnerability Management solution allows organizations to easily demonstrate Compliance, increase Efficiency, and enhance their Security Posture. Additionally, LURHQ’s OPEN Service Delivery provides industry-leading visibility, keeping clients in control and resulting in a true partnership that yields maximum business value.

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