visKeeper 2.2: The burglar-proof data safe easy as pie for PPC

A brand-new tutorial lets newcomers have a walk-over on the first steps with the patented visKey – technology. The first visual password is generated as quick as a flash. Henceforth it will safe all sensible information which will be entrusted to visKeeper.

Thanks to the new user interface, the handling of the security software is even more clearly arranged. There are some more features pleasing to the eye: At last there are icons with high resolution and miscellaneous fonts may be chosen after someone’s fancy.

Who really wants to play it safe may choose yet another security check. visKeeper asks the user on demand at every end of the program, if it really should overwrite the old data by the made modifications.

In short: visKeeper is getting simpler and more transparent while it is still an all around security solution for the secure custody of confident data which requires a special protection.

The new features and enhancements of version 2.2 at a glance:

– More clearly arranged user interface
– High resolution icons for VGA mode
– Selectable Fonts
– Optional security check at the end of the program
– New possibility of saving for a timeout
– Tutorial for “new” users of the picture password – technology

A single license of visKeeper PPC costs US $ 20/ EUR 17 (for EU residents: EUR 19,95 incl. VAT) and is likewise valid for visKeeper PC and PalmOS.

Registered users that own a version of visKeeper 1.0 or higher have the right to upgrade their visKeeper for free.

Customers who would like to test the software may download it for free and give visKeeper a trial for 30 days without any restrictions.

Further information as well as the software documentation is to be found at


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