SecureOL unveils “Security by Virtualization” VE2 and VELite – a new security paradigm now available for download

Jerusalem, Israel, August10, 2005 SecureOL, a pioneer in the field of “Security by Virtualization”, announced today the release of the VE2 and VELite desktop software security applications.

SecureOL believes that information security is one of most troublesome burdens for everyone; it changes working habits, impairs productivity, creates IT – employee conflicts, is expensive to establish and even more expensive to maintain and recover. In-fact what an organization needs is the ability to be safe, enable its employees the freedom to work without endangering the organization and minimize expenses on IT security related issues.

“Security by Virtualization” is patented ground-breaking technology which is not an anti-virus, not a firewall not a sand-box, not an anti-spyware and does not ask the user any security questions. “We wanted to create a real, out of the box solution, one that would allow users to be secured, be free and manage less. This is what Security by Virtualization is all about”, explained Zak Dechovich, CEO of SecureOL. “It passively terminates commercial espionage, Trojan horses, spywares, viruses, etc. in fact it makes them all irrelevant, while the organization doesn’t lose its connectivity, productivity and reduces its TCO”

Corporations have been forced to make a choice sacrificing either security or productivity causing the IT managers a real problem. For example, allowing the usage of VoIP in a closed network is a complex and expensive task. VE2 is based on the philosophy that compromise is bad and expensive, as there are infinite shades of gray as opposed to black and white.

SecureOL’s VE2 is a desktop software application that creates two separate isolated working environments on a standard PC using existing network infrastructure. One hosts the organizations critical business process and information one cannot afford to lose such as mail, documents, ERP, CRM and alike, while the other is used for the non-critical business processes such as working with the Internet. The separation between the two environments ensures that the enterprise’s security policies and safeguards remain intact.

Operating the VE2 is simple and effective, the technology is designed to support “configure-and-forget” working mode, hence after initial configuration, there is no need to manage the VE2. When the Internet environment is damaged, the non-critical internet Environment is reset and the computer is ready for use again. There is no need to backup the infected PC or send a technician.

SecureOL’s VE2 reduces costs and increases business continuity, productivity and security, creating an attractive value proposition for enterprises, IT outsource companies and Internet Service Providers dealing with SMB.

SecureOL’s VE2 installation takes about 3 minutes per PC. VE2 is not based on emulation or virtual machine technology, hence there is no need to purchase additional licenses as with Virtual Machines and there is no computer performance degradation.

A Trial version of SecureOL’s VE2 is available for downloaded at:

SecureOL believes in giving millions of Internet home users around the world the ability to have a real Internet experience, without being damaged by spyware, viruses and vulnerabilities.

SecureOL’s VELite Beta is a free downloadable light weight version of VE2 utilizing the “Security by Virtualization” concept for the home user to be able to use the computer without taking security issues into consideration at all.

The home user can use VELite’s Free Mode to feel free, to browse every Internet site he desires, install applications and do everything he needs without damaging his home computer even if his actions have destructive characteristics. Once the Internet Environment is corrupted, the user simply resets it.

The VELite Beta is available for download at:

About SecureOL

SecureOL is an Israeli security software vendor that is offering a suite of products based on an innovative, patent-protected platform technology in order to introduce a new security paradigm to enterprise, government and consumer customers. Founded in 2002 and funded to date by the government and investors, SecureOL has spent two years developing its core engine.

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