Funk Software Announces Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server v1.3

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., August 15, 2005 _ Funk Software, a leading provider of network access security and policy management solutions, today announced Steel-Belted Radius®/SIM Server v1.3, a new version of their policy server that adds support for Short Message Service (SMS)-based subscriber authentication. This new functionality lets wireless operators who have not completed the transition to an 802.1X wireless infrastructure offer public WLAN access services, while leveraging their existing customer care, roaming and billing infrastructure _ opening new revenue opportunities, without requiring an extensive overhaul of their network.

Appropriate for GSM and CDMA infrastructures, Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server provides Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) services in 802.1X, non-802.1X, and Unlicensed Mobile Alliance (UMA) environments. With Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server, operators can leverage the unique strengths of IP to gain faster, more flexible deployment of new and differentiated multimedia communication services such as public wireless hotspot access and Unlicensed Mobile Alliance access _ while still being able to authenticate and authorize subscribers based on information in their HLR/AuC or other database.

New in Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server v1.3 is support for subscriber authentication via the SMS text messaging protocol. SMS-based authentication lets wireless operators who either do not support 802.1X or who wish to more securely handle non-802.1X subscribers offer WLAN services to their subscribers. Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server also supports subscriber authentication via EAP-SIM and EAP-AKA, providing secure hotspot access for devices in GPRS and UMTS networks.

_IP-based services have been shown to be sticky, so these services not only increase operator revenue but also attract new subscribers and reduce churn,_ said Chris Rogers, vice president of Funk Software_s Network Service Provider Business Unit. _Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server provides authorization and security which is equivalent to current GSM mobile networks and preserves investment in the existing mobile core network infrastructure._

Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server lets operators:
” Offer public WLAN or other IP network access, without having to upgrade their customer care infrastructure _ This allows operators to extend IP-based services to the hotspot or into unlicensed networks, without having to change their authentication, point-of-sale kiosks, customer service or billing systems to accommodate the new service.
” Leverage existing roaming relationships with other operators _ Subscribers will have secure WLAN access from their trusted GSM provider_s venues, as well as venues serviced by partner operators, and billing will flow through correctly, based on roaming relationships already set up between providers.
” Easily tap revenue opportunity within existing customer base _ A major advantage of Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server is that it allows GSM and CDMA operators to offer a new service based on hardware their customers are already running. This lets them easily convert customers to WLAN access subscribers.
” Offer over-the-airwaves data security _ Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server lets GSM operators who have upgraded to 802.1X offer secure public WLAN access. Subscriber data will be transmitted securely over the wireless link _ encrypted via Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or WPA2 _ preventing wireless eavesdropping within the hotspot.

Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server comprises Funk Software_s leading carrier-grade RADIUS/AAA server, Steel-Belted Radius/Service Provider Edition, advanced EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, optional SMS plug-in modules, and Ulticom_s Signalware SS7 software and board. For secure hotspot access, an EAP-SIM or EAP-AKA compatible 802.1X access client such as Funk Software_s Odyssey® Client is also required for the subscriber PC. Funk Software also provides a suite of development tools, licensed products and services to assist handset and device vendors to enable a mobile platform to support EAP methods and UMA services.


Steel-Belted Radius/SIM Server v1.3 is available now, directly from Funk Software and from authorized resellers worldwide.

About Funk Software

Funk Software is a leading provider of network access security solutions for networks of any size, from enterprise to operator, wired or wireless. The company_s family of RADIUS/AAA and WLAN security products allows an organization to enforce a uniform security policy across all network access methods, including WLAN, remote/VPN, dial, and identity-based (wired 802.1X) _ with the performance and reliability to handle any traffic load, and with full support for any network infrastructure. Funk Software_s customers include many of the world_s largest corporations, institutions, telecommunications carriers, and Internet service providers (ISPs); its products are licensed or resold by numerous leading manufacturers of Internet hardware and software. Founded in 1982, Funk Software is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, visit or call +1 (617) 497-6339.

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