Fujin Addresses Access And Security Concerns Of Mobile Users And Operators

13 SEPTEMBER 2005, LONDON: Fujin Technology, a new UK-based systems integrator and services provider for the mobile operator industry, launched today with the world’s first fully developed solution-set to address the growing problem of mobile content protection. Fujin is currently working with a number of operators offering Internet and WAP content services, in order to manage the distribution of adult oriented content, ensure mobile subscriber identity, and ensure mobile operators maintain brand protection.

Operators are under significant pressure to protect the interests of their brand, provide open access to many different types of content, whilst balancing the regulatory needs of access to content for different users, such as minors. In an environment of such increasing demand and complexity, Fujin can uniquely ensure that relevant content is appropriately available to the right mobile user at the right time.

“As the uptake in mobile Internet services increases, mobile network operators are faced with extraordinary technical challenges to provide content protection to users accustomed to the rich media experience, access authentication and parental controls of fixed broadband services,” said Peter Drinkwater, Director at Fujin Technology; part of the Matrix Communications Group plc. “Securing content and protecting users and operators alike is more technically complex in the mobile network than the fixed network – and requires highly specialised integration skills and capabilities.”

Fujin recently agreed a large, multi-million pounds contract with a global mobile operator, establishing the world’s first mobile content protection solution and enabling the operator to protect its positive brand, and maintain its responsible stance toward protecting minors and other user groups. The continually updated solution allows user profiles to be recognised when accessing Internet content. Users’ access rights are then compared against defined profiles to determine whether access to particular content should be allowed. This is part of Fujin’s solution to ensure operators are best equipped to maintain content, security, policy and delivery control for their user base.

About Fujin Technology (www.fujintech.com)

Fujin is an international solutions provider for the security, storage, delivery, high performance and policy management of mobile content. Committed to ensuring the integrity of mobile content, Fujin provides solutions to major mobile network operators.

Having surveyed the broad marketplace and determined that the required set of capabilities are not available “off the shelf’, Fujin has developed specifications for the additional capabilities and is co-developing them with a number of partners.

Fujin’s solution delivers a full mediation capability to allow mobile operators to deliver the power of the Internet to their users with the confidence that they are protected from harmful technological threats and content, whilst ensuring that the appropriate revenues are attained and risks are minimised.

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