ID Theft Protection Solution: Virtual Authentication Devices

Bharosa Virtual Authentication Devices provide the enterprise with optimal defenses against identity theft crimes including phishing, trojans and malware. Their technology uses no hardware or proprietary software installations of any kind, which has the advantages such as a non-device dependent approach, meaning low cost, flexible deployment and ease of use.

Bharosa Virtual Authentication Devices are simple graphical images which online account holders can use to authenticate their identity at login, much like the way they enter their PIN at the ATM. Yet what lies behind the graphical Device interfaces is far more sophisticated. Much of the power of Bharosa’s PIN Pad, Keyboard, Slider and Wheel Virtual Devices lies in what the user can’t see:

  • One-time encypted data sends and one-time visual experiences without keystrokes.
  • Sophisticated fraud monitoring, analysis and tracking of each session—by user location, time of day, type of transaction, device and more—which is matched with each user’s behavioral profile helping detect possible fraud.
  • Fluid, server-side infrastructure (no user downloads) deploys quickly and easily to any number of users, or different groups of users. Devices can be invoked in session for sensitive or “flagged” transactions. And they can sit at any customer touch point accessible via a browser—including personal computers, mobile devices, public kiosks or ATMs.
More information on this way of ID Theft protection can be read on Bharosa homepage.

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