AEP Networks Announces United States Patent Award In Secure Remote Application Access

SOMERSET, N.J. – Sept. 28, 2005 – AEP Networks, the specialist in network and application access security, today announced that it has been awarded a United States Patent for various SSL VPN foundational technologies and methods.

U.S. Patent 6,920,502 was granted for “apparatus and accompanying methods for providing, through a centralized server site, an integrated virtual office environment, remotely accessible via a network-connected Web browser, with remote network monitoring and management capabilities.”

“The fact that we have been granted a U.S. patent for our technologies caps a rigorous four-year evaluation process and is a testament to the vision of our development team,” said Pat Donnellan, CEO of AEP Networks. “AEP has grown dramatically since this patent filing and now offers a full integrated suite of network and access security products. Our commitment to innovation, however, as highlighted by this patent award, has not changed.”

AEP’s current product portfolio includes two of the most mature and market-tested secure application access products on the market: the AEP Netilla® Security Platform (NSP) and the AEP SmartGate®.

The NSP (and the related Secure Gateway Appliance line) is a Web-based SSL VPN appliance that enables companies to provide employees and trusted partners with secure remote access to internal applications and data using standard Web browsers. The NSP was named “Best VPN” by the SC Magazine 2005 Global Awards and has earned key certifications including FIPS 140 Level 3; ICSA Labs SSL-TLS VPN (Release 1.0 and 2.0); and the VPN Consortium SSL VPN program.

AEP SmartGate is an identity-based application-layer security gateway designed for large-scale, distributed, information-sharing environments. SmartGate allows organizations to securely exchange information with employees, customers and business partners over any IP-based infrastructure; its advanced features enable federated identity and access privileges across trusted organizations. Certified for FIPS 140-2, SmartGate’s information-sharing capabilities make it ideal for governmental agencies, where it has been widely deployed.

Fueled by the dramatic productivity and convenience benefits that secure mobile working makes possible, the SSL VPN market has demonstrated rapid growth. According to Forrester Research, 44 percent of North American companies were using SSL VPNs as of 2004, generating sales last year of $97 million (“SSL VPNs Poised for Significant Growth,” December, 2004, Forrester Research).

About AEP Networks

AEP Networks (, the specialist in network and application access security, delivers infrastructure security solutions that are easy to use and manage while offering exceptional value and mission-critical reliability. The company provides a full range of solutions, including identity-based application security gateways, highly secure VPNs, SSL VPNs and cryptographic key management products, to meet the most demanding requirements of public-sector and commercial customers around the world. A privately held company backed by leading technology investors, AEP Networks is based in Somerset, N.J., with European headquarters in London and a Government Solutions Group in Rockville, Md.

The AEP Networks Logo is a trademark of AEP Networks, Inc., with registration pending in the U.S. Netilla and SmartGate are registered trademarks of AEP Networks, Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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