Ultra Secure Online Offsite Data Backup Solution

The Bunker Secure Hosting Ltd, the leader in providing Ultra Secure Data Centre and Managed Services on Open Source Software, today announces the launch of a new Managed Service to back-up customers’ data online offsite.

“34%of companies fail to test their tape backups, of those that do, 77% have found tape backup failures” research by the Boston Computing Group.

The Bunker can help you simply and cost effectively implement an automated online offsite data backup solution, which will address all or part of your company-wide disaster recovery needs. This service is a turnkey solution requiring no upfront capital investment. Your data will be stored in one of Europe’s most secure Tier 4 Data Centres located outside the M25. The systems storing your data are build and managed 24/7/365 by experts in digital security.

“More and more companies are turning to remote, managed, offsite backups to protect their data” says Thomas Nikolopulos, Sales & Marketing Director at The Bunker. “Our expertise in building and deploying highly available, fully managed storage solutions, has enabled The Bunker to launch a fully managed service to provide an online offsite backup solution. The Bunker offers a complete outsource solution. Your data is backed up automatically to one of the most secure data centres in the world where it is stored on mirrored redundant storage arrays”

“Evidence shows that every five years, 20% of companies will suffer a major disruption through fire, flood or storm, power failures, terrorism and hardware/software failures. Of those companies which do not have Business Continuity plans, 80% fail within 13 months of such an incident” John Sharp, Chief Executive Officer, The Business Continuity Institute.

About The Bunker Secure Hosting Ltd.

The Bunker provides High Availability, Ultra Secure Data Centre and Managed Services based on Open Source Software. Our Managed Services portfolio has been built to deliver the secure storage, access, management and processing of critical business data for use in day to day operations and for future retrieval on demand. Our Data Centres are amongst the most secure and yet flexible in the world. Initially built for purpose by the MOD, today our Data Centres meet stringent Tier 4 standards. Inside, the building environments offer almost complete flexibility including ample power supply and warm air removal to cope the today’s ever more powerful technologies. For more information on The Bunker visit our website at www.thebunker.net

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