Surfsafe Internet Services Now Includes Spyware Slayer As Part Of Its Privacy Protection Software Package

Fort Lee, NJ, (PRWEB) October 20, 2005 — Surfsafe with Spyware Slayer software helps protect users’ personal computers from these risks and keeps them from slowing down and crashing from unwanted toolbars and pop-ads being unknowingly delivered and downloaded to the PC.

Surfsafe Internet Services is a consumer products company offering subscription e-mail and ISP services. We are now including Spyware Slayer in our suite of privacy protection software that is available to users with a monthly subscription to Surfsafe.

Surfsafe understands that there is a real threat online from unscrupulous marketers who secretly install Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Worms & Viruses on a PC, all which can contribute to:

– Damaging and corrupting a hard drive

– Stealing passwords, credit card & banking information

– Recording everything said in emails & chats

– Sending personal information to ad companies that send pop-ups & spam

– Allowing hackers to take over a computer

A standard monthly Surfsafe subscription rate is $14.95 a month for four email accounts and ISP service along with the online protection software bundle. The entire package includes anti-virus software, PC Cleanser, a pop-up blocker and internet accelerator software, as well as the Spyware Slayer software.

Surfsafe’s software suite protects the consumer’s computer from internet predators, which are the fastest growing threat to computer users’ privacy currently. Surfsafe subscribers will now be able to safely detect and remove Trojans, system monitors, ad-ware and other such programs. Removal of these harmful programs will ultimately protect them from identity theft, computer corruption and privacy invasions. Surfsafe’s software package will also wash away all traces of PC and Internet Activity, and completely wipe out unneeded data for total privacy protection and improved system performance.

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