Senforce Extends Its Leadership across Endpoint and Wireless Security with Release of Senforce Endpoint Security Suite 3.1

Draper, Utah November 8, 2005 Senforce Technologies Inc., the leader in location-aware endpoint and wireless security enforcement, today announced version 3.1 of its Endpoint Security Suite (Senforce ESS). ESS is the only product available today that centrally enforces an organization’s security policies by-location for every PC worldwide in a “24×7′ fashion—whether or not they’re connected to company-managed networks or even to the Internet. Version 3.1 builds upon the same sophisticated endpoint security features and takes them to new levels of performance, scalability and manageability in support of large enterprise deployments.

Senforce ESS is a single, integrated solution for complete endpoint security. Rather than deploying several products with non-integrated components from multiple vendors, organizations use ESS’s modular design for flexible, tightly integrated endpoint security. ESS provides centralized management and policy definition, location-aware policy enforcement, powerful reporting and strong audit controls.

Key benefits and features include:

” Endpoint Integrity Endpoint integrity and compliance checks can take place anytime and anywhere, and do not need to use network admission and network authentication controls to take place. Regardless of the user’s network location, ESS Endpoint Integrity ensures policy compliance and enforcement of security practices, keeping anti-virus, anti-spyware, operating system security patches, and other security solutions up-to-date and running at all times and places.

” Advanced Firewall: Protecting endpoint PCs from Internet traffic threats, ESS uses kernel-level driver technology for inbound and outbound traffic filtering. Stateful packet inspection, TDI (Transport Driver Interface) filtering, and remote host access control list technologies provide superior protection from hackers, malware and protocol attacks. In addition, it allows administrators to control applications by location.

” VPN Enforcement: Keeping user connections secure wherever and whenever they connect by using approved VPNs, ESS’s VPN Enforcement makes sure users connected to any network—corporate, personal or public—run with the VPN “on” before they are allowed any connectivity. ESS prevents split-tunneling vulnerabilities, and ensures wireless network usage is protected even from users’ home networks or at public hotspots.

” Wired and Wireless Connectivity Control: Preventing security events occurring over unauthorized or misconfigured network adapters, ESS only allows connectivity and communications through authorized connections and network gear. ESS Connectivity Control enables or disables LAN, WLAN and WAN adapters by network location. Providing extensive Wi-Fi security enhancements, ESS disallows use when a wired network connection exists, allows connection only to pre-approved Wi-Fi access points, prevents usage of “rogue’ access points, and ensures minimum Wi-Fi security standards (such as WEP or WPA) are used before allowing connectivity. ESS also places Personal Area Networking (PAN) technologies like Bluetooth, infrared, IEEE 1394, USB and legacy (PCMCIA, parallel and serial) connectivity ports under administrative control.

” Theft Protection: Preventing your authorized users from walking out the front door with corporate data on recordable CDs, DVDs, USB thumb drives or other local storage devices, ESS Theft Protection prevents unauthorized use of these devices. Granting read-only or read-write access, or disallowing devices based on an endpoint PC’s network location, ESS stops unaudited, unauthorized copying of sensitive corporate data.

Senforce ESS lets chief information security officers and IT managers rest assured that all endpoints will be automatically protected and policies enforced, regardless of where employees roam. Non-compliant endpoints are quarantined while remediation takes place and before network access or connectivity is allowed. Users never need to worry about making difficult or confusing security decisions; Senforce security enforcement is automated and users are simply notified about steps taken. Users cannot remove the endpoint software or change configuration settings inadvertently. Senforce’s innovative wireless and remote access capabilities lead the way for customers, ensuring them the most secure experience for both users and the entire networked organization.

“Organizations are recognizing and taking action to extend security protection beyond the network perimeter in an increasingly mobile and wireless world,” said Mike Hall, Senforce CEO. “Our customers rely on Senforce software to effectively enforce security across all their endpoint PCs. The development and release of ESS 3.1 is a result of our focus on supporting customers with large numbers of users in the enterprise.”

Senforce ESS is effectively addressing the endpoint security objectives of many organizations, and Senforce continues to enjoy increasing market acceptance, with recent customer successes including DARPA, JP Morgan Chase, Missile Defense Agency, Technicolor Entertainment Services, Zenith National Insurance Corporation, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army and Woolpert Corporation.

Senforce Endpoint Security Suite 3.1 is available now. For more information, please visit the company website at

About Senforce Technologies, Inc.

Senforce Technologies is a market leader of endpoint and wireless security software enabling IT organizations to protect their computers, networks and data from malicious attacks, unauthorized access and misuse. Senforce automates security practices by location (at the office, on the road or at home) through policy-enforcement resulting in reduced costs, assured network security and enforced compliance across the organization. Senforce Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Draper, Utah. For more information, visit or call 1.877.844.5430.

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