PixAlert blurs pornographic pics while you watch

14 November 2005: Innovative new technology from PixAlert completely prevents pornographic images being displayed and viewed on computer screens in the workplace, schools and colleges or public areas such as libraries. Using advanced high-speed image analysis software to scan images in real-time, the latest version of PixAlert Monitor blurs illegal or inappropriate images as they are rendered on screen.

By preventing inadvertent or deliberate exposure to illicit images, PixAlert Monitor protects company directors, management and employees from the risk of criminal or civil claims for sexual harassment or corporate negligence, for example.

Unlike conventional technology that simply tries to stop images entering the network via the Internet, PixAlert Monitor detects illegal and inappropriate images actually being displayed on any screen and originating from any computer source. This includes CDs or DVDs, USB-connected memory sticks, phones or PDAs and 3G cellular or WiFi hotspots.

The ability to blur images in real time adds a new level of protection for employees, pupils, students and members of the public. Controls can be set that allow users to take a conscious decision to override the blurring if the image material is relevant – in a hospital environment, for example. But if the user is given the option to override the blurring and view the image, these actions are immediately recorded and logged.

According to The Centre for Internet Studies, more than 60 percent of companies have disciplined staff and over 30 percent have terminated employment for illicit image abuse. By implementing PixAlert Monitor, organisations can ensure their employees comply with policies and legislation on inappropriate and illegal content.

At the same time, PixAlert Monitor reduces security and legal risks for managers and directors, improves IT resource management and enhances employee productivity.

PixAlert Monitor resides on the desktop and when a suspect image is blurred and subsequently viewed, a record is created in an audit log and an immediate alert can be sent to the administrator console. The administrator can view an encrypted copy of the image, along with the source machine and user name, date-time and the program used to view it.

“Inappropriate images in the workplace are becoming a real threat to business operations,” said Andy Churley, PixAlert’s Marketing Director: “Their presence on corporate computers and dissemination through a network can have severe consequences for an organisation and its corporate officers, including exposure to civil litigation, criminal proceedings, brand and reputation damage, financial loss and breach of corporate policies. PixAlert Monitor is unique in that it not only detects inappropriate and illegal web-based images, but also prevents deliberate or accidental viewing the material, no matter how it has been introduced onto the computer”


. Reduces the risk of civil or criminal litigation;

. Enforces “acceptable use” policies to protect the organisation’s reputation;

. Helps to curb inappropriate and costly network traffic and storage requirements;

. Improves productivity and return on Internet investment;

. PC/server-based to mitigate risk associated with out-of-band introduction of material from sources such as WiFi, USB keys, Firewire, DVD, memory sticks;

. Monitors without impeding technology performance or end-user ability to work.

About PixAlert (www.pixalert.com)

PixAlert provides software and services that protect organisations and their staff from the legal ramifications of viewing inappropriate and illegal images (“illicit image abuse”) on workplace computers. Sold through industry partners, its PixAlert Monitor product provides a powerful image detection, blocking and analysis solution that protects against inappropriate material being introduced to enterprise desktops from any source. Unlike gateway-based offerings, PixAlert Monitor is PC/server-based to safeguard against Internet, email, CD/DVD, USB key, WiFi and cell phone-derived images.

PixAlert’s software fosters a more responsible and productive workforce by dramatically reducing non-work related computer activity. It also enables organisations to enforce and measure their compliance with internal policies.

The company’s products are used by responsible organisations concerned about costly and disruptive legal, compliance and ethical issues in industries such as healthcare, financial services, high-tech and government. Founded in 1999, and based in Dublin, Ireland, PixAlert has UK headquarters in London and US headquarters in Boston.

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