A survey of the antivirus industry by Russia’s leading expert

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content management solutions that protect against viruses, Trojans, spyware, hacker attacks and spam, presents a new article: The Contemporary Antivirus Industry and its Problems by Eugene Kaspersky, Head of Antivirus Research at Kaspersky Lab. Describing the current state of the antivirus industry, he further explains why most antivirus products cannot guarantee detection of even 90% of malicious programs.

Presenting his point of view in an informal, accessible article, Eugene uses his extensive practical knowledge of the industry to analyze current issues in the information security field. He highlights the increasing criminalization of the cyber underground, which has become a serious threat over the past few years, helping readers to understand some of the issues faced by developers of antivirus solutions.

Eugene Kaspersky comments that, “The evolution of antivirus software into consumer products, combined with an explosive growth in the number of malicious programs, created new challenges for antivirus developers. Today, critical factors for success include service, speed of response to new malicious programs, and finding the right balance between performance and effective protection”.

He also stresses that antivirus technologies are continuing to evolve and new methods for combating malicious programs are being developed. But are these methods really effective when compared to traditional solutions? An objective discussion of the advantages and shortcomings of proactive protection gives a clear and definite answer to this question.

The Contemporary Antivirus Industry and its Problems is available at http://viruslist.com/en/analysis?pubid=174405517

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