Sober.AH is now the most frequently detected virus worldwide according to data from the Panda ActiveScan online antivirus solution

The Sober.AH worm, detected just a few hours ago by PandaLabs, is now the most frequently detected virus worldwide, according to data collected by the Panda ActiveScan online antivirus solution.

As was expected, and given the fact that this worm sends itself in email messages in English or German depending on the recipient’s address, the United States and Germany have been, until now, the countries most affected by Sober.AH. However, according to data from PandaLabs, incidents have been recorded all around the world.

According to Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs, “The propagation capacity of Sober.AH, means that every time there is a new infection, the chances of receiving an infected email increase exponentially. For this reason users should treat email received with caution. Nevertheless, it is advisable to scan all mail with an up-to-date antivirus.”

Sober.AH uses social engineering techniques in order to trick users into running infected files. The messages used by Sober.AH to spread include spoof warnings from the FBI or the CIA.

Computers that have the TruPreventâ„? proactive technologies from Panda Software installed have been protected since this worm first emerged, as these can effectively detect and block Sober.AH. Panda Software clients that don’t yet have these technologies already have the updates available to install them along with their antivirus and ensure they have preventive protection against unknown viruses and intruders such as Sober.AH. For users with a different antivirus program installed, Panda TruPreventâ„? Personal is the perfect solution, as it is both compatible with and complements these products, providing a second layer of preventive protection that acts while the antivirus is being updated, decreasing the risk of infection: More information about TruPreventTM Technologies at

To help as many users as possible scan and disinfect their systems, Panda Software offers its free, online anti-malware solution, Panda ActiveScan, which now also detects spyware, at Webmasters who would like to include ActiveScan on their websites can get the HTML code, free from

Panda Software also offers users Virus Alerts, an e-bulletin in English and Spanish that gives immediate warning of the emergence of potentially dangerous malicious code. To receive Virus Alerts just visit Panda Software’s website ( and complete the corresponding form.

For further information about Sober.AH and other computer threats, visit Panda Software’s Encyclopedia.

About PandaLabs

Since 1990, its mission has been to analyze new threats as rapidly as possible to keep our clients save. Several teams, each specialized in a specific type of malware (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam, etc), work 24/7 to provide global coverage. To achieve this, they also have the support of TruPreventâ„? Technologies, which act as a global early-warning system made up of strategically distributed sensors to neutralize new threats and send them to PandaLabs for in-depth analysis. According to, PandaLabs is currently the fastest laboratory in the industry in providing complete updates to users (more info at

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