Sensage Offers Security Compliance Bundle Featuring EMC Centera

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – November 28, 2005 – SenSage, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise security analytics, today announced the SenSageâ„? Compliance Bundle, an integrated security data analytics and storage solution that dramatically reduces the cost of deployment and ongoing management associated security monitoring, investigation and compliance. The bundle combines SenSage with an EMC Centera content addressed storage (CAS) system to yield a high-performing and readily scalable Security Information Management (SIM) solution. Now customers can take advantage of appliance-like deployment ease and data center class capabilities.

Industry analysts agree that security information is fast becoming one of the most consuming data processing and storage applications. According to Enterprise Strategy Group, many enterprises are inadequately prepared to handle the growth and utility of security data. SIM fits well into an Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) approach, and is driving the next wave of data storage and analysis, much in the same way email archiving did.

“Beyond understanding one’s security posture, the onslaught of compliance mandates such as HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, SB1386 and FISMA require greater process automation and storage capacity for event data,” said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at IT research firm Enterprise Strategy Group. “It’s not a simple collection, reporting and archiving equation – it is about scalability for efficient analysis and usable retention. We believe the features of the SenSage Compliance Bundle, leveraging EMC Centera, offers enterprises a smart choice for security information lifecycle management.”

Analysis and Retention Requirements

It has become a de facto security best practice to obtain, store and analyze system activity. This data is the richest information asset for assessing security posture, tracking internal and sophisticated threats, and completing audits. Current industry and government compliance guidelines require or strongly recommend appropriate monitoring, thorough investigation and significant data retention. For example, Visa’s PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security standard requires on-going assessment and annual retention of transaction system audit trails. DCID 6/3 (Director of Central Intelligence Directive) mandates that government organizations and contractors with access to classified information must consistently analyze system activity and retain event logs for five years.

Considering that most enterprises generate millions of system and application activities per day, and that these event logs easily consume gigabytes of daily storage, it’s understandable that such security requisites can dramatically escalate data management issues and costs.

SenSage Compliance Bundle Leverages EMC Centera

SenSage provides organizations with a highly scalable means to centrally aggregate, efficiently analyze, dynamically monitor and cost-effectively manage high-volumes of event log data. The SenSage Compliance Bundle ships with SenSage security analytics software fully integrated with an EMC Centera CAS system that provides fast, easy online data access with assured content authenticity and petabyte scalability. It also includes one SenSage compliance analytics package comprised of pre-defined rules and reports mapped to financial reporting, financial services, healthcare, privacy or government guidelines.

“By achieving EMC Centera Proven status and bringing to market an integrated SenSage solution with EMC Centera, customers gain appliance-like deployment ease with data center class capabilities that provide for greater productivity and considerably reduced security and storage administration,” said Scott Gordon, vice president of worldwide marketing at SenSage. “The SenSage Compliance bundle not only addresses compliance information management for today, but as processing and retention needs evolve, our solution will continue to deliver consistent and predictable results.”

Centera and SenSage are architecturally matched to provide high-speed loading, queries, reporting, and clustered fixed-data management. Transparent integration allows Centera to seamlessly operate as part of SenSage’s analytic repository. The Compliance Bundle results in immense security analytics performance and usable data retention capable of managing multi-terabytes of security and compliance-relevant information.

Following extensive testing, SenSage’s security analytics software recently achieved “EMC Centera Proven” certification. This assures customers that a SenSage / EMC Centera solution is compliance-ready with tested deployment, data retention periods and protection against data modification. It delivers enterprise scalability at significantly reduced administrative and storage costs. Users can readily expand performance and capacity by simply adding related SenSage or Centera nodes. High availability is further automated with daily SenSage system backup – with the option of supporting disaster recovery and business continuity scenarios that take advantage of Centera remote replication features.

“EMC Centera complements SenSage’s performance, compliance and scalability features by extending online capacity at the lowest total cost,” said Roy Sanford, vice president of content addressed storage at EMC. “As customers look to securely archive more data for longer periods of time, this combination of pre-tested and configured technology can help them meet their business requirements in the most simple and effective manner.”

Availability and Promotional Pricing

The SenSage Compliance Bundle is designed to streamline procurement efforts and fortify corporate compliance programs. The solution ships in three scalable configurations to address medium to large enterprises with prices starting under $200,000. It includes the SenSage Enterprise Security Analytics system, a SenSage compliance package, and either a 4- or 8-node EMC Centera storage system. And for a limited time, charter SenSage Compliance Bundle customers receive special discounts to accelerate time-to-value. The SenSage Compliance Bundle is available direct from SenSage or through selected partners.

About SenSage

SenSage, the leading provider of enterprise security analytics, offers unparalleled performance and a scalable means for organizations to centrally aggregate, efficiently analyze, dynamically monitor and cost-effectively store massive volumes of event log data. Our solutions empower companies to readily respond to business-critical threats, conduct thorough and precise investigations, and maintain compliant operations. Based in San Francisco, CA, SenSage currently protects Global 2000 customers in financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. The company markets its product directly and through partners including Cerner, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, and Lockheed Martin. For more information, visit

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