2factor Releases Software Development Kit that Enables Continuous Mutual Authentication

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 – 2factor today announced the launch of Real Privacy Managementâ„? (RPM), a new software development kit that makes it easier for businesses to build and deploy applications with continuous mutual authentication and data encryption.

“RPM enables companies of all sizes to combat serious security threats like stolen data and identify theft, which results in the loss of billions of dollars each year,” said Paul McGough, CEO of 2factor. “The current solutions available are flawed. They are either too easy to break and circumvent or too slow or complicated to implement and maintain.”

RPM is fundamentally different by design, and delivers additional capability with no additional overhead. It provides the ability to authenticate and encrypt every transmission for both sender and receiver across any network, on any device. With three patents issued and two patents pending RPM provides users with a secret-key based solution that is small enough to enable security on embedded systems such as a cell phone or PDA, as well as network components, personal computers and servers.

RPM is available in two different versions, RPM Basic and RPM Gateway. RPM Basic provides the core authentication API functionality and RPM Gateway provides IP socket layer and cryptographic support. Both are available in Java, J2ME, J2SE, C++ from www.2factor.com.

“The ability to authenticate the user and the service every time, while encrypting each transaction with a new key, changes everything. Companies finally have the ability to ensure privacy and protect data across all their networks,” McGough said.

2factor is a security technology company that licenses authentication and encryption software for enterprise, consumer and government solutions. 2factor’s mission is to provide technology to secure the privacy and assets of individuals and corporations who use public and private data networks to communicate

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