CallingID Announces New Enhanced Version of Its Anti-Phishing and Safe Browsing Solution

New York, NY, December 7, 2005. CallingID (, a provider of safe browsing environment for online shopping and e-banking, today announced a new, enhanced version of its anti-phishing and safe browsing solution – CallingID for the Internet. The announcement was made at InfoSecurity New York.

The new version provides an enhanced website verification system which automatically identifies the ownership of every site and verifies that the owner is a real organization with a real physical location. To conserve screen space, the new version offers an ultra-small toolbar which can be enlarged by placing the mouse over it.

An additional new feature is the rating of e-commerce sites based on consolidated information retrieved from multiple consumer rating sites.

First introduced in early 2005, CallingID for the Internet protects users from Internet scams and encourages them to do business over the Web. When users visit a website they immediately see whether it is owned by a real company and where that company is located in the “real world”. This bridge between cyberspace and the real world gives users confidence to do business online.

The free toolbar instantly runs 52 verification tests on every website visited and evaluates the risk of communicating or doing business with that website. When any of these tests fails, the user is urged to reconsider the decision to login, or to place an order from that site. A simple indication summarizes the test results, allowing the user to make a quick educated decision whether to proceed.

“Since its debut, CallingID for the Internet has received major attention,” said Yoram Nissenboim, CallingID CEO. “With our toolbar, users have a superior product that encourages them to shop on the Internet and to use online banking, saving time and money. It meets their anti-phishing needs, integrating a multitude of sophisticated technologies and providing capabilities they never had before. The product allows users to harness the full power of the Web without allowing scammers to tap into their bank accounts.” 

“With these enhancements the critical need for a comprehensive anti-phishing and secure browsing solutions is met.” said Nissenboim. “Users and organizations feel confident that they have the best protection available. CallingID for the Internet combines all the capabilities required to provide the level of confidence and security users seek.”

A personal copy of CallingID for the Internet can be downloaded for free from . Installation is fast and simple.

About CallingID

CallingID ( provides solutions that encourage safe usage of the Internet for business, helping customers avoid Internet fraud (phishing, pharming, spyware and Trojans), focusing on online banking, e-commerce and corporate sites, as well as individual Internet users. CallingID’s offices are located in New Haven, Connecticut, and the R&D team is based in Haifa, Israel.


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