PlanetMagpie Partners With Sonasoft

San Jose, California – Sonasoft Corp. announces that it has teamed up with PlanetMagpie, an IT and network solutions provider for small, mid-size and enterprise businesses, for a strategic reseller partnership. PlanetMagpie will utilize the revolutionary SonaSafe® program to bolster its disaster recovery service offering for its clients.

“This is an exciting product and service extension for PlanetMagpie,” said CEO, Robert Douglas. “Sonasoft brings outstanding expertise in backup/recovery and disaster recovery for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Servers. Their solutions benefit businesses of all sizes, which make it a perfect fit for our service offering.”

PlanetMagpie’s IT consulting team understands there are no “one size fits all” solutions, and that each organization has a unique set of IT needs, so their emphasis of disaster recovery is on proven and tested best practice standards for an optimized solution. Their tailored backup and recovery designs take into account business requirements as well as the operational environment of the client, allowing for custom-built solutions that are predictable, reliable, and capable of processing data as quickly as possible.

Some of the challenges that an organization must face include securing 99.999 percent service availability, organizing growth in the volumes of data on several servers, and supporting existing IT systems that cannot run the latest technologies. Managing these tasks can be excruciatingly complicated, especially in the event of lost data, taking up a bulk of the IT worker’s time and diverting resources away from more crucial business duties.

With Sonasoft’s Point-Click Recovery solution, the data recovery process is automated and the management of multiple servers is streamlined, providing an outlet that is simple to use and is cost-effective. If an employee loses a document, an e-mail, or even a whole mailbox, all data can be recovered with just a few mouse clicks. What normally would take hours of labor is reduced to minutes. This gives the client peace of mind about the security of their data, but more importantly allows the IT staff to concentrate its efforts on more critical business tasks such as customer support.

PlanetMagpie will be a Tier-1 partner for Sonasoft, meaning that it will provide for all aspects of technical sales and support for customers. “Organizations will benefit greatly from the combination of PlanetMagpie’s talents in IT architecture and Sonasoft’s effective, easy-to-use software, assuring they get a solution that is produced specifically for their business demands,”said Andy Khanna, President & CEO for Sonasoft. “PlanetMagpie is an ideal partner because they know the Microsoft platform very well and are deeply knowledgeable of the IT infrastructure. They thoroughly understand the technology and its implementation.”

About PlanetMagpie
Founded in 1998, PlanetMagpie provides custom IT consulting, Internet services and network solutions for small, medium and large size businesses. A Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Magpie boasts engineers who have the expertise to design, install, upgrade, and maintain networks for all general business needs. The company’s IT consulting team also targets more specific areas such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, network security regulations, hardware and software implementation, e-mail, and web design. A privately held company, PlanetMagpie is headquartered in Campbell, Calif. For more information, visit

About Sonasoft®
Sonasoft, Corp. automates the disk-to-disk backup and recovery process for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Servers with its groundbreaking SonaSafe® Point-Click Recovery® solutions. Designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process, SonaSafe solutions also centralize the management of multiple servers and provide a cost-effective turnkey disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes. For more information, please visit

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