Panda GateDefender 8200 awarded NSS Approved certification

Panda Software’s perimeter protection solution for corporate networks, Panda GateDefender 8200, has recently received NSS Approved certification for Secure Content Appliances, SCA, awarded by the world’s most foremost independent testing facility, NSS Group, to devices that pass its demanding performance and functioning tests.

According to the report on the effectiveness of the appliance in its tests, NSS confirms that “security effectiveness of the 8200 was excellent.” The report also highlights that “built-in load balancing capability allows performance to scale in a linear fashion by simply installing additional GateDefender appliances.” It also praised the administration console: “the management system has been well designed to handle management and configuration of a single device.”

One of the critical points of an appliance is its performance, as it must be able to manage a large number of connections and, at the same time, guarantee security. “Performance was adequate under most traffic loads in most of the tests. With all modules enabled, maximum TCP connections per second were around 700, and effective bandwidth was 167 Mbps,” explains Bob Walder, Director, The NSS Group (

Its malware detection capacities also received praise after the tests: “URL category filtering was excellent, with 95 per cent of our “bad” URLs being detected (-¦) HTTP and SMTP content filtering and file blocking both performed flawlessly, blocking 100 per cent of bad content with no incidents of false positives. (-¦) All of the WildList virus samples in our test suite were detected and blocked successfully with accurate signatures (-¦) Anti Spam capabilities also performed well, with 92 per cent of the live spam samples in our test suite detected and blocked successfully.”

This recognition significantly backs the quality of GateDefender 8200, in terms of both performance and design and functionality. “This certification confirms that Panda Software’s security solutions are on a higher level, offering our clients all of Panda’s experience in security in products that are fast, reliable and offer outstanding quality,” says Paula Quir??s, Corporate Business Units Director at Panda Software.

Panda GateDefender 8000 series, maximum security in content management

Panda GateDefender is available in 3 modes, 8050, 8100 and 8200, in order to adapt to the precise needs of companies of any size: GateDefender 8050, for up to 25 users, GateDefender 8100, for up to 500 users and GateDefender 8200 for over 500 users. All models can be customized with three protection modules (Anti-malware, Antispam and Web filtering).

This appliance incorporates the most advanced technologies, thanks to the collaboration of Panda Software with Cobion and MailShell, which allows it to offer the most innovative web content filtering and anti-spam protection. The protection capacity offered by this device has recently been certified by the internationally renowned independent security company ICSA Labs, within the test protocol designed by the company to evaluate performance of gateway devices.

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About NSS group

The NSS Group is the world’s foremost independent security testing facility. With its headquarters in the UK and testing facilities in the South of France, NSS group offers a range of specialist IT, networking and security-related services to vendors and end-user organizations world-wide. The NSS Group security testing laboratories are for fully independent testing of networking, communications and security hardware and software. The NSS Group also operates certification schemes for vendors and certification bodies, and currently provides evaluation and certification of a wide range of security products, including IDS/IPS appliances, firewalls, VPNs, cryptographic devices and Public Key Infrastructure products

Output from the labs, including detailed research reports, articles and white papers on the latest network and security technologies, are made available on the NSS website at

About Panda Software

Panda Software ( is a leading developer and provider of integrated security solutions to combat viruses, hackers, Trojans, spyware, phishing, spam and other Internet-borne threats. With the revolutionary TruPreventTM Technologies, Panda Software’s innovative solutions offer a greater return on investment, keeping clients protected even against new threats that have yet to be identified. PandaLabs, the fastest laboratory in the industry to provide complete updates to users, offers a worldwide response to malware 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Panda Software’s centrally-managed security solutions protect servers, and gateways and all network entry points, ensuring a straightforward and highly effective line of defense against Internet threats for large organizations, SMBs and consumers. Panda solutions are backed by a team of expert support technicians in all countries where the company is present. Tech support services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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