Yankee Group Names NetContinuum as First Traditional Web Application Firewall Vendor to Stake Claim in New Application Assurance Platform Market

January 3, 2006 —Santa Clara, CA — NetContinuum, the leader in Web Application Firewalls and Secure Application Gateways, today announced that it has been named a market leader in the Web Application Firewall space in the latest Yankee Group report on the evolving Application Assurance Platform market. In the new report titled, “Application Assurance Platforms Arise from Web App Firewall Market’s Ashes,” senior security analyst Andrew Jaquith highlights NetContinuum as “poised to be the first traditional web application firewall vendor to stake a claim in the new application assurance platform market.” The report also projects overall product revenue in the evolving Application Assurance Platform market to grow to $230 million by 2009.

In the recent report published in December of 2005 by Andrew Jaquith, Security Solutions & Services Senior Analyst with the Yankee Group, the web application firewall market is predicted to merge into the new “application assurance platform” (AAP) market that will combine the web application firewall, database security, XML security gateway and application traffic management segments. “These devices will deliver measurable value by offering application scalability, performance management and availability features,” wrote Andrew Jaquith[1]. “In 2006, we expect the converged AAP category, including Stack Protectors and Uptime Specialists, to become marginally larger than any of the legacy markets and will grow to $230 million by 2009. Yankee Group expects that success in the converged AAP market will come to vendors that are best equipped to solve broad application security and availability problems.”

“With a recent round of venture capital and several recent strong quarters behind it, NetContinuum is poised to be the first traditional web application firewall vendor to stake a claim in the new application assurance platform market,” wrote Andrew Jaquith.[2] “Its emphasis on secure application delivery—caching, acceleration, SSL termination, content inspection and traditional web app firewall controls—resonates with large enterprise customers.”

“NetContinuum appreciates the validation of its technology and strong position in the converged application security and delivery market by the Yankee Group,” said Varun Nagaraj, CEO of NetContinuum. “We feel like we’re just getting started and look forward to delivering great new products and solutions to this expanding market.”

About the NetContinuum Application Security Gateway

The NetContinuum Application Security Gateway is a high performance integrated appliance engineered for data centers to secure delivery of web applications from a single platform. All capabilities needed to secure, deliver, monitor and manage web applications are consolidated into the appliance. The system provides a simplified, integrated management scheme from which all aspects of secure application delivery are monitored and controlled. This design offers increased efficiency and flexibility enabling IT management to make quick adjustments to the application infrastructure while improving security and uptime of applications. The NetContinuum appliance was named the “Hot Pick” by Information Security magazine in its July 2005 issue.

About NetContinuum
NetContinuum’s products enable IT professionals to comprehensively secure high-value applications in the data center while improving application availability and response time. NetContinuum Web Application Firewalls secure mission-critical applications and protect against identity theft, data theft, application disruption, and fraud. NetContinuum Secure Application Gateways secure high-value applications and additionally accelerate them, thereby simplifying data center management. Built upon a high-performance and virtualized multi-core, multi-threaded platform, NetContinuum products enforce fine-grained security and traffic management rules in complex, transaction-intensive application environments. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California. For more information, visit us at www.netcontinuum.com.

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