Apani Networks Teams Up with Computer Consulting Partners, Ltd. to Provide Security Solution for Securing Inside the Network Perimeter

BREA, CA and SCOTTSDALE, AZ – January 17, 2006 – Apani Networks, the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter, and Computer Consulting Partners, Ltd. (CCP), a leading enterprise network services provider focusing on providing security solutions for the Fortune 500, have partnered to deliver a new solution for securing data in motion and protecting data at rest.

CCP will now offer Apani EpiForce 2.0, a centralized security system, to clients needing to lock down their internal networks to reduce the risk of data theft. Customers with large, distributed deployments where sensitive data is transmitted and stored will now benefit from the availability of EpiForce 2.0 which provides a management tool for point-to-point encryption while automating the enforcement of security policies. EpiForce 2.0 can now support up to 100,000 software agents with up to two million security policy relationships, while eliminating the complex management issues through an easy to use centralized administration console.

Developed to effectively secure data inside the network perimeter, EpiForce logically segments the network into dynamic security zones. EpiForce 2.0 manages security relationships, reports on attempted unauthorized activity and provides an effective audit trail to reduce the overall cost of audit.

“We’re pleased to work with CCP as a new integration and solution partner in Apani’s Armour Reseller program,” said Michelle Tack, vice president of sales, Apani Networks. “CCP has built a solid reputation for serving customers with best-of-breed IT security solutions. Their security professionals are among the best and brightest in the industry.”

“Computing Consulting Partners, Ltd. is dedicated to providing our customers the most advanced and effective technology solutions to address the challenges of securing sensitive customer data,” said Keith Dolgaard, President, Computing Consulting Partners, Ltd. “We are pleased to work with a company such as Apani that can help us expand our security product offerings with innovative products like EpiForce.”

EpiForce operates at the network layer so it is transparent to end users and applications, requiring no changes to existing CRM, ECM, BPM, SCM, ERP and Inventory tracking applications. This makes it less intrusive, and easier for phased deployments.

About Computer Consulting Partners, Ltd.
Computer Consulting Partners, Ltd. delivers products and services in security, storage, backup and business continuity markets. CCP offers an extensive line of products, appliances and audit tools in addition to consulting, architectural design and implementation services to support the installation of these products. CCP has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies and non-profit companies since 1992. For more information, visit www.ccpartnersltd.com.

About Apani Networks
Established in 2003, Apani Networks is the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter. EpiForce, the company’s flagship product, provides a transparent security layer for networked applications that secures data in motion, protects data at rest and centrally manages security policy relationships. Apani enables corporate IT managers to quickly, automatically and cost effectively lock down their networks, while providing the security and audit trail necessary to demonstrate compliance to the wide range of regulations that affect enterprises today. For more information, visit www.apani.com.

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