Reflex Security’s ThreatIQ Suite Advances Next Evolution of Intrusion Prevention

ATLANTA – January 18, 2006 – Reflex Security, a pioneer in network intrusion prevention, today announced its new ThreatIQTM product suite, which combines fifth generation intrusion prevention, network discovery, and network node quarantine for unrivaled robustness and effective network protection. Easy deployment, accurate threat assessment, and real-time control provide substantial advantages in performance, operations and cost.

Reflex Security’s ThreatIQ suite, featuring Reflex IPS sensors, Network Discovery, the Network Defender module, and the Reflex Command Center is a comprehensive system to discover nodes, inspect for threats, defend in real-time, and quarantine hosts from the network. ThreatIQ provides enterprises with a complete platform for network visibility and accurate threat mitigation, assuring that their network defense is always one step ahead against today’s changing threat environment and collapsing perimeter defense.

Accuracy from Awareness
Integrated into the Reflex IPS sensor, Reflex’s Network Discovery technology passively records all existing hosts and their services, and gives context to potential threats by correlating them in real-time with the Reflex IPS engine. Reflex Security’s Network Discovery makes inspection more precise and less prone to false positives. Even if no immediate anomaly or threat is detected, changes of service or an appearance of a new device on the network can trigger an action depending on the organization’s policy.

“Most of today’s IPS vendors focus on throughput instead of accuracy,” said Hezi Moore, CTO of Reflex Security. “Discovering the network topology, detecting the network state and leveraging that intelligence to determine the context of a threat makes for a much more effective prevention system. The additional ability to surgically remove a host from the network by blocking the switch port makes the system even more appealing to security administrators. In today’s regulatory compliance environment, it is essential to track what systems are communicating with what other network assets.”

Actionable Security from Fifth Generation Intrusion Prevention
The cornerstone of the ThreatIQ suite is Reflex Security’s 5.0 release of its industry leading Intrusion Prevention platform. Building on the Network Discovery context, Reflex’s signature, anomaly, and rate-based algorithms facilitate automated defenses against a wide range of attack vectors – malicious content, DoS, anomalies, access violations, viruses, and spyware. By operating inline and performing deep packet inspection on all network traffic, the Reflex IPS can block and filter illegitimate traffic flows with pinpoint precision.

Designed to be adaptable, the Reflex IPS’s solid-state SentriumTM architecture allows its underlying software to be readily updated and upgraded on the fly. Organizations can confidentially deploy Reflex Security knowing the technology will not quickly be out of date, and the reliability will be rock solid since there is no spinning media to fail.

More security savvy administrators will value the extensibility of the system, having the flexibility to create their own custom signatures, using a Snort compatible syntax. The sensor also can easily be switched to a passive listen-only mode at the click of a mouse.

Centralized Control and Command Center
The Reflex Command Center combines a powerful, centralized configuration and management console, comprehensive reporting tools, and real-time event aggregation and correlation. The Reflex Command Center delivers actionable information and won’t overwhelm the user with cryptic or redundant data, making it easy to understand network activity and events.

New features available in the Reflex Command Center include:

– Network Defender, allowing the ability to quarantine a host from a network by communicating with a switch and blocking the host’s port
– Network discovery map, which graphically displays and categorizes all nodes and network traffic, and overlays a threat map to display all attacks and security events that have occurred
– Regulatory compliant view of key business assets
– Intuitive dashboards, sensor grouping, and partitioned views
– 3D charting of attack log information for more efficient display

“Reflex Security’s singular focus is to deliver innovative solutions required to strengthen our customers’ security posture,” explained Jim Watson, Reflex Security CEO. “With the ThreatIQ suite, companies are assured of ironclad security even as networks become more dynamic and virtual in nature.”

Reflex Security’s 5.0 Intrusion Prevention platform, Network Discovery modules, Network Defender modules, and the Reflex Command Center are all available now through any authorized Reflex Security channel partner.

About Reflex Security, Inc.
Reflex Security, Inc., a pioneer in network intrusion prevention, redefines real-time network intrusion prevention with its ThreatIQTM solution. By unifying discovery, deep-packet inspection and a comprehensive prevention engine, Reflex accurately blocks internal and external security attacks. Powered by SentriumTM solid-state technology, Reflex provides adaptable security, increased reliability and high performance to prevent today’s most serious network security threats. Scalable and easy to use, the Reflex IPS provides effortless enterprise security for businesses of all sizes. For more information, visit the Reflex Security web site at, call 888-872-7555 or contact any authorized channel partners.

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