Rapid Expansion Of North American Partner Program Positions Bitdefender Well For Future Growth

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – January 23, 2006 – BitDefenderâ„?, an award-winning provider of anti-virus software and data security solutions, announced today that the company has achieved record growth in its North American Partner Program, increasing its number of reseller partners by over 400 percent since the program was formalized in November 2005.

In the last few months, BitDefender widened its global footprint with the establishment of a North American headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and a Canadian office in Toronto. BitDefender’s unique Partner Program was also put into place, offering resellers some of the best opportunities in the market to increase sales of BitDefender’s award-winning security solutions. This program supports resellers with 30 percent sales margins, no upfront financial commitment, and direct facilitation with BitDefender’s technically trained representatives. The rapid success of the BitDefender Partner Program was clearly achieved by coupling these exceptional partner offerings with the industry’s strongest security technology, winning corporate reputation and newly expanded North American presence.

“BitDefender stands apart from competing security vendors by consistently going the extra mile in updating and strengthening its technology to ensure that its customers and partners have the industry’s most secure solutions protection against the latest, most advanced security threats,” said Ginger Yerovsek, BitDefender’s North American director of Marketing and Sales. “This reputation has enabled us to quickly grow our business in North America and attract partners who realize the full potential of reselling BitDefender’s products. By offering our partners unique sales incentives, the growth of the BitDefender Partner Program has come with relative ease. We are confident that this rapid expansion in our list of quality resellers throughout the U.S. and Canada will result in tremendous new opportunities for BitDefender to further expand its market presence in the coming year.”

Today, BitDefender is trusted by over 41 million users worldwide and offers the industry’s most efficient line of anti-virus and data security defense. BitDefender has won countless awards for its flawless protection of both enterprise and personal computer use software. Currently, BitDefender is ranked as one of the top three data security software products in Europe and is continuing to grow and gain prestige globally.

For further information about BitDefender’s Partner Program, please visit: http://www.bitdefender.us/site/Main/view/BitDefender-Partnership-Program.html.

About BitDefenderâ„?
BitDefender is a leading provider of security solutions that satisfy the protection requirements of today’s computing environment. The company offers the industry’s fastest and most effective line of anti-virus and email security defense, setting new standards for timely threat detection and for simple installation, use and updates. BitDefender delivers effective threat management for over 41 million home and corporate users in more than 100 countries. BitDefender is a division of SOFTWIN and is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Toronto, Ontario; Tettnang, Germany; and Barcelona, Spain. Further information about BitDefender can be obtained by visiting: http://www.bitdefender.com/us.

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