SoftSphere Technologies releases DefenceWall HIPS

DefenceWall HIPS is a proactive solution to fortify PC systems against malware threats. It effectively curbs activities of untrustworthy processes and applications, depriving them of any chance to interfere into critical system areas. Full system integration allows using DefenceWall HIPS either alone or as a part of a multifold defence system.

SoftSphere Technologies announces the release of a new version of DefenceWall HIPS, a rule-based protection against malware that effectively thwarts illicit activities of malicious programs. It protects the user’s system against spy- and adware, keyloggers, rootkits, and other threats emerging in global networks. By limiting the rights of applications and processes most vulnerable to attacks, you can prevent the threats from spreading their tentacles into such critical system areas as registry and system boot, drivers and services, physical memory and global hooks. Moreover, the application of the proactive methods known as sandbox and virtualisation shields your system from zero-day threats, for which signatures have not yet been prepared. Unlike reactive signature-based solutions, DefenceWall HIPS v1.20 develops the immunity to any virulent process in the system and makes its deployment virtually impossible.

“DefenceWall HIPS prevents any untrusted application or process from interfering into critical system areas,” says Ilya Rabinovich, CEO of SoftSphere Technologies. “And since most malware depends on system registry, drivers, and services in their illicit activities, they can’t function. Likewise, untrusted applications are deprived of rights to meddle with other application settings. They are left to wither and die. Using DefenceWall Event log, you can trace any module with a virulent activity and eradicate it. This is particularly important for zero-day threats, that none of signature-based solutions can protect you from. Efficiency tests on real threats demonstrate the program’s ability to terminate malicious activities. The most recent test on .WMF zero-day IE exploit showed that the program’s restrictions easily prevent the attempts to change the wallpaper, IE start and search pages, default URL’s; firewall, autostart, and other system settings.”

Although the program offers default lists of trusted and untrustworthy applications, users can easily manage the settings, delegate temporary rights to act as trusted and recall them at any time. The program is developed as a set-and-forget security solution and, once the user defines the lists, it takes over the care of the system’s security. No pop-ups or dialogues with policy requests will ever bother you. Only the system tray indication and the program’s event log provide information on illicit activities. But even in the absence of any response from the user, the program blocks all attempts of Untrusted modules or processes spawned within to trespass the borders of virtual zones allocated to them. It is possible, however, to terminate activities of applications or the whole Untrusted group manually, by clicking the red button in the program window.

This is how satisfied users comment on the program’s amazing simplicity of use. “Excellent software. Very simple, easy to use, and elegant. I forget it’s even there, yet it offers greater protection than any anti-virus and anti-spyware scanner can provide on their own. A must-have for anyone that wants or needs something to set-and-forget.” A.B. USA.

“I have been using DefenceWall almost since its conception and the protection it affords is great. Easy to install, setup and use and support is very responsive as well.” Chris W., USA.

DefenceWall HIPS allows users not only to protect the system as a whole against malware, but also to fence off sensitive data from the Untrusted group members. By putting files and folders on the Secured list, users create an additional defence line around them. The Secured list shields personal data from hijack attacks by forbidding its access for web browsers, IRC clients, script hosts and other vulnerable applications and modules. The proactive twofold protection by DefenceWall HIPS v1.20 is made to fortify your system against current and future threats and ensure safe web-surfing.

DefenceWall HIPS v1.20 Features at a Glance:

– Proactive protection against spy- and adware, keyloggers, rootkits, and other threats;

– Intuitive user interface and transparent settings;

– Easy management of Trusted and Untrusted lists;

– Protection of critical system areas (registry, system boot, drivers, services, physical memory, global hooks etc.);

– Access restrictions for Secured Files list;

– One click process termination;

– Detailed event logs.

Pricing and Availability

DefenceWall HIPS v1.20 runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP and costs 29 USD for a single-user license. Registered users are entitled to free life-time support and program updates. A fully-functional trial version is available at

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