Aladdin to Demonstrate New Cardio-based Biometric Authentication Technology at RSA Show Booth #1237

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 13, 2006 – Aladdin Knowledge Systems (Nasdaq:ALDN), the worldwide leader in Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) and USB-based authentication solutions, and a leading innovator in enterprise secure content management, today announced it will demonstrate an innovative new biometric authentication technology based on cardiac patterns. The demonstration will take place at Aladdin’s booth, #1237, at the RSA Conference 2006, February 14-16 in San Jose, CA.

Aladdin will present a live demonstration of new cardio-based biometric technology that provides authentication using a person’s natural BioDynamic Signature (BDSTM) – an electro bio-signature that is unique to each individual. The technology is being powered by IDesia, an Israeli-based biometrics company. Aladdin may offer the technology as early as 2007.

Unlike other biometric technologies that use fingerprints, pictures, or static bio-signals to identify a person, BDS is based on intrinsic human electro-biometric dynamic signals acquired by merely touching a small conductive surface. The signature is based on the electronic signals humans produce from their body, including the heart. These BioDynamic Signatures are as unique to an individual as fingerprints and retinal patterns. No two people have the same BDS. This new category of cardio-based biometric solutions opens a new dimension in biometric technology and offers superior performance, cost and reliability. It is highly accurate, user friendly and difficult to deceive.

“The market for strong authentication is set for tremendous growth over the coming years, and while biometric solutions are still in their infancy, we feel they will one day have broad acceptance,” said Shlomi Yanai, vice president of the Aladdin eToken business unit. “Our technology demonstration at this year’s RSA Conference is designed to give our partners a glimpse of an exciting new technology that we believe holds tremendous promise for the future.”

Scheduling Demonstrations

To schedule your personal demonstration of the new technology at Aladdin’s RSA 2006 booth (#1237), Feb 14-16, contact Matthew Zintel of Zintel Public Relations at 310-574-8888.

About Aladdin

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