ICI Bolsters Intrusion Prevention Performance With Selection Of Lucid Security’s ipANGEL 4.0

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 23, 2006— Lucid Security Corporation, the leader in adaptive intrusion prevention, today announced the second in a series of customer success snapshots spotlighting the performance of its flagship ipANGEL 4.0 intrusion prevention appliance at Maryland-based ICI, a leading provider of application development and integration services for the public and commercial sectors.

“When we upgraded from ipANGEL v3.0 to v4.0, installation only took 15 minutes,” said ICI IT Director Jon Pollock. “I really like the interface and feel the presentation of the information is a step above the competitors. What makes ipANGEL special is its ability to deliver automatic vulnerability detection, provide rule creation to protect identified vulnerabilities, and showcase internally what’s been patched and fixed.”

Combining on-board vulnerability assessment with intrusion prevention, ipANGEL is designed to automatically update and tune protection to prevent exploits and vulnerabilities as they are discovered on servers and applications within the network. Using a vulnerability-based signature system to proactively protect against known, unknown, and undiscovered attempted exploits of system vulnerabilities, ipANGEL performs its deep packet inspection of all network traffic at wire-speeds ranging from 10 Mbps for remote office deployments, to multi-gigabit throughput for enterprise/carrier-class environments with virtually no latency.

According to Pollock, ipANGEL brings a level of security that wasn’t previously accessible without dedicated intrusion detection and prevention personnel, and helps him justify and benchmark ICI’s investment to senior management through ipANGEL’s security threat reports.

“ipANGEL not only reduces significant network security administration and maintenance, but enables me to produce executive quality security threat reports with just a few clicks of the mouse,” Pollock said. “ipANGEL’s security threat assessments are more effective than most independent security audits, and I can be sure my network is protected even if I don’t have time in my busy schedule to address the latest security threats.”

Lucid Security is one of the few IPS vendors that staffs and operates its own threat and vulnerability research team, LucidWatchâ„?, engineering signatures that protect against zero-day attacks, a must-have for any network given that more than 80 percent of all fast-spreading worms are derived from variants of existing/known exploits against the same vulnerability.

About Lucid Security

Lucid Security, based in suburban Philadelphia, is the provider of ipANGELâ„?, the world’s only adaptive, intelligent, self-tuning intrusion prevention appliance. ipANGEL is the only intrusion prevention system that integrates asset discovery, vulnerability discovery and intrusion prevention on a high-performance security appliance. Through its patented Adaptive Intelligenceâ„? technology, ipANGEL enhances security and dramatically reduces the time required for operational maintenance. To learn more visit: www.lucidsecurity.com.

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