Kiss Your Privacy Worries Goodbye with Folder Lock!, Inc. today announces the release of version 5.3.9 of Folder Lock, a fully-fledged security tool for the Windows OS. Folder Lock gives you a pain-free ability to lock, hide, encrypt and password-protect files, folders and drives on your PC. Also, you can protect files on USB flash drives, memory sticks, CD-RW, floppies, and notebooks. Unique to Folder Lock is its ability to protect files in Safe Mode and DOS Mode. Your files remain protected if you boot your PC with a floppy or CD, and even when you switch from one Windows platform to another, so that files protected in Windows XP remain protected in Windows 98.

“You can work with Folder Lock in much the same way as you would with a safe in the physical world,” says Steve Frank, manager at “Just like it is with a real safe, you have a special folder, named Locker, where you can keep any number of private files and folders. This may be your passwords, credit card numbers, software source code, images and anything else that needs to be protected. Once the Locker is locked up, all files inside become inaccessible for unauthorized users, be they your spouse, co-workers, cyber-hackers or computer viruses. You can simply lock the folder, scramble its content, or encrypt it using 256-bit Blowfish encryption, which is the strongest today. Plus, there are five methods of locking, known as patent pending, two of which are unknown even to the most advanced hackers.”

“As for the files and folders that are located outside the Locker folder, you can lock them too,” continues Mr. Frank. “Simply right-click the file you want to protect, select the “Lock Folder” item from its context menu, enter a password, and voila! Your file is locked. Now, it cannot be deleted, renamed, accessed, and even seen, that’s, of course, if the Stealth Mode is on. However if you want this file to be protected in real DOS Mode or Safe Mode, you had better drag it to the Locker folder. In addition to providing the strongest level of protection, the Locker eliminates the hassle of having to lock up or encrypt each file separately. Another good thing about Folder Lock is that it locks files even on portable devices. Copy the program folder of Folder Lock to the device and secure your files in the Locker it creates. Simple.”

What tricks does Folder Lock let you play on hackers?

1. Expose the hacker before he exposes you

Folder Lock has a Hacker Attempt Monitoring feature that records a log of all invalid passwords used with respect to their time and date. You can learn who tried to access your personal files in your absence by providing different passwords. You can also set the program to lock or shutdown your PC if more than three invalid passwords have been entered.

2. Use stealth, become invisible

Folder Lock has a Stealth Mode to hide Folder Lock from the eyes of curious people. Once this mode is on, all links, shortcuts and traces of Folder Lock in Control Panel and the context menu of Windows Explorer disappear completely. This can help you make your private information totally protected from intruders as they are simply not aware of its existence. To disable the Stealth Mode, you should press the combination of CTRL+ALT+F.

3. Auto-Locking operations

Folder Lock lets you lock your files, and even your PC after a certain period of time. You can choose whether to autolock, lock PC, log off, reboot or shutdown your computer after a certain time of mouse or keyboard inactivity or total time. All this is done automatically. And this is not all. Find other useful auto-locking tricks at Good luck!

Pricing and Availability

Folder Lock 5.3.9 runs under Windows 98x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server and costs $35 (USD) for a single-user license. Licensed customers are entitled to free lifetime upgrades and technical support. Additionally, customers will get bonus gifts worth $29 (Ebooks and Fun Files), plus 3 additional skins and 3 beautiful icons. Multi-user licenses, site license and academic licenses are also available. Additional information on Folder Lock, as well as its evaluation version, which is restricted to 35 runs is available from

About is a privately-held technology company that specializes in utility software for Microsoft Windows. is the author of Folder Lock, which consistently receives top ratings and recommendation by respected product reviewers from PC Magazine, PC World, Wall Street Journal USA, seen on TV in TechTV Call for help, BBC Click Online. In addition to Folder Lock, the company also offers History Clean, a Windows tool that removes cookies, cleans cache, and removes all traces of internet activities, and Macro Buddy, a four-in-one program that automates repeated typing tasks to increase computational productivity. For more information, visit

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